Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's another wonderful day at Bonanzle! The listing count this morning was 419870! Just wow for shopping! Bonanzle Booth owners are running specials Monday for Cyber Monday and then Tickle Me Tuesday! Bonanzle is rocking for Yule shopping!

Bonanzle Booth My Earring Guy's at has some very nice bracelets and earrings, the prices are super!
Glass_ear_labeled_1of2_09-26_thumb200 Earrings**Murano Glass***WHOLESALE LOT OF 09**Alpaca Silver $7.99 This price is for 9 pair of earrings in different colors and FREE shipping!
Glass_bracelet_labeled_09-27_thumb200 Bracelets**Murano Glass***Wholesale Lot of 07**Alpaca Silver $7.99 Wow 7 different bracelets for only $7.99 again FREE shipping!
Glass_anklets_1_of_2_08-30_thumb200 Anklets**Murano Glass**Wholesale Lot of 05**Alpaca Silver $8.99 This price is for 5 different anklets! FREE shipping. Make sure to stop at this Bonanzle Booth and pick up some of those little extra gifts.

Bonanzle Booth Any Kind Of Jewels at
has some beautiful jewelry and the stones are just fabulous!
40ct_goldstone_sun_sitara_pear_ss_pendant_thumb200 40CT Goldstone Sun Sitara Sterling Silver Pendant $30.00
This is a beautiful piece, just wait until the natural light hits it!
31ct_bl_sun_sitara_925_silver_pltd_earrings_thumb200 31CT Blue Goldstone Sun Sitara $15.00 Oh, wouldn't love to find their name on these? So unique and just beautiful!
1_blue_goldstone_gemstone_ss_11mmx12mm_pendant_thumb200 .925 Silver Designer Styled Blue Goldstone Pendant $34.00 Another beautiful piece! Ships FREE to the US and Canada, seller excepts Money Orders, Cash and PayPal.

Bonanzle Booth Cleo-Primitive's at has some very unique items.
39ea_1_thumb200 Patio Colorful Wood Tray 6 Table Place Mats 18 in. $10.00 A pretty patio set for entertaining on the patio!
Dfea_1_thumb200 Special Shape Bottle Face Carve Collectible from France $10.00 This is an awesome find!
Fe_1_b_thumb200 Pottery Coffee Tea Pot Mugs Set 9 pieces wicker tray $35.00 Such a pretty set! This Bonanzle Booth owner excepts PayPal for payments and does have their items set for or best offer.

Come on over to see all of the wonderful finds at Bonanzle! Be sure to stop at my Bonanzle Booth Brightest Blessings Wiccans and say Hello!

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