Monday, November 3, 2008

Yule is Fast Approaching Some Great Bonanzle Finds

Sharing my of my great finds at Bonanzle! Check out Bonanzle Booth Jack's Place He is a few items that I think just might interest you, like this really cute Amy Brown Fairy Pin. Buttonfox_thumb200
Pinback Button Amy Brown Foxglove Fairy Button $1.50 Who wouldn't love to find this with their name on it? And considering it is jacket season, wow this will look fabulous! He also has this
Embroidered Patch Amy Brown Fairy Sphere Patch $3.50! This would look so neat on a canvas tote bag! His prices are within everyone's budget! Bonanzle Booth Miss Marys Emporium has soon really great deals! Like this
Book Floras Feast A Fairys Festival of Flowers Walter Crane $5.00! What a great find this was!

00magick_thumb155_crop 00magick_thumb155_crop
Egyptian Magick Book by Schueler Enter the Body of Light Tra $6.00 This would make a great read! Bonanzle Booth TandMCreations' Booth Has some really kewl unusually items!

Dragon Lock and Keys $12.00 What a great gift for that someone that has everything! Where are you going to get a gift for 12 bucks?

Blue Dragon Candle Holder $20.00 This is just to neat! What a great addition to your candle holders! There are so many great Bonanzle Booths on Bonanzle! The shopping ideas are endless at Bonanzle! Don't forget to check out my little Bonanzle Booth Brightest Blessings Wiccans!
Brightest Blessings!

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