Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Bonanzle Booth Plans For 2009

I have some plans for my Bonanzle Booth in the year 2009. Taken into account of all of the horror stories of International shipping I have stayed away from it. I have shipped to Canada and had no problems at all.

So this coming year I am taking my Bonanzle booth international. If buyers don't mind the wait of receiving their order, it shouldn't bother me. I like to ship out within 24 hours of an order so an order will to my customer quickly. Like transactions to be complete within a week from start to finish.

The Post Office and I will be spending some time together learning all of the things that goes along with the international shipping. What is allowed to be shipped and not to mention the different and most cost effective methods.

The next step is to add more items for you BOS. Divider pages, and different information pages like the use of candles and herbs.

These are my goals to go international and expand my booth. Would like to have your thoughts and comments if you have the time. Stop by and chat Brightest Blessings Wiccans

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