Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bonanzle Booth PressedArt, Handmade Greeting Cards

Today is Saturday, March 21, 2009. The sun is just starting to come up and the squirrels are already out this morning. A few sparrows are on the ground waiting on the squirrels to finish. Going to be another awesome day!

I found a very nice Bonanzle booth yesterday! Handmade cards made of pressed flowers. These are just beautiful! Bonanzle booth PressedArt has some beautiful greeting cards and very reasonable pricing.
Handmade Greeting Card Pink Bougainvillea
$4.20 Just beautiful! Blank inside so can be used for any occasion. Handmade!
Handmade Greeting Cards with Real Pressed Flowers Pack of 6
$10.00 This is for a set of 6, works out to be only $2 a card. You can't by store bought cards for that price!
6 Real Flower Enclosure Cards Thank You Note / Gift Tags
$6.00 This is also a set of 6, less than $2 each! Bonanzle Booth PressedArt excepts Paypal for payment and ships within one business day. These are hanmade with real flowers, a must have to keep on hand. A must stop in Bonanzle booth!

I started working on cutting out fabric squares for my next project last night, so I hope to get started on that today. Have to do some chores first or they won't get done. Kind of like a reward system for myself. Chores done and then fun!

Have to also get a couple of other items listed that are finished, can't sell them if they aren't listed for sale. hehehe


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