Monday, November 9, 2009

Three Weeks and A New Adventure

Today is Monday, November 9, 2009. It looked like we were going to have some major storms today. So I checked the radar and sure enough it appeared that there was a huge one coming. Rolling dark clouds were here, but nothing more than the clouds. It went north of us.

I received my winnings from Brenda of Wicked Wool Gathering! These packages made my whole day! That little hanging picture is the cutest. And her slippers are wonderful. I love them! So I had to order a pair for my mom and hubby's mom. Then when the guys seen them, well they all wanted a pair too. So Brenda has agreed to make slippers for the guys, minus the pompoms of course. They are so comfy and really warm. I am sure this family will be back for more. Thank you again so much Brenda!

Hubby didn't make it to SC until a little after seven this morning. Needless to say, he didn't make it in to work. However, this is the last trip that he will make by himself. When he comes home in three weeks, we will be moving there. So tomorrow I will close up the pool, no matter what the temperature is, it will be closed down for the season. Oh to think tomorrow will be the last day that I have to vacuum it this year! Doing the happy dance!

I figure this week I will work on sorting things out for here and there and then the following week I will start the packing. We will leave Thanksgiving Day, there shouldn't be any traffic, everyone should be where they need to be by then. We decided this because of the young driver driving through Atlanta. Atlanta is a bear and I really dislike driving through it. Hubby is going to see about another route to go around it. Hubby will drive the U-Haul and tow my Jeep, son in the middle and I will drive the truck with the trailer. Doc and Lady in which ever vehicle they like.
Then off for our new adventure.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. good for you... will be thinking about you this next few weeks and sending only good thoughts your way...

  2. Those slippers look very cozy! What a delight for your feet! Here it is very windy and overcast today. I love wind and especially in the fall.

  3. Yay, you got your goodies!! So glad you like them. Two are done just 1 more to finish. Thank you Dede.

    When you said you were going on an adventure I didn't realize it was going to be that soon, wow!! Good for you and I'm sure you are going to be very busy over the next few weeks. I'll be thinking of you, sending you positive energy for a smooth transition.

    Have a great week!!!



It was nice of you to take time out of your busy day to stop by. Blessings to you and your family! (((HUGS)))