Monday, January 11, 2010

A Couple of Completed Hearts

Today is Monday, January 11, 2009. It is cold here, I mean really cold! Broke records last night and is supposed to be cold again tonight. The critters just amaze me, they go about their business just like it was 70 degrees out there. If I were a critter, I would have to be a bear, just sleep right on through it, wake up in the Spring.

Have had the flu along with young son the last couple of days. He is so demanding when he is not feeling good. He is a MIT, Man In Training and doing a very good job of it. LOL

Did finish a Valentines Heart Bag and a couple of lavender sachets finished up. Hope to get them listed tomorrow and get some better pictures taken with real day light. Finished getting orders packed tonight and ready to go to the Post Office tomorrow. Even got all of the customs forms filled out. Usually I will run short one or two, but not this time.

The house is clean again and have got the laundry caught up. Had to use the dryer and oh, do I miss hanging my clothes on the line. Not to mention that they wait on me to have time to take them down and fold. Not the dryer, leave them alone in there for five minutes and they are a real mess.

Hubby will be home this Saturday until Monday noon. So looking forward to him being home. Young son misses him the most of the kids. He is his fathers son, they are two peas in a pod. Then I don't know when he will be home again. I guess I had better figure out how long he will be gone or just figure three weeks on his food.

Made bread yesterday, it was so good, pistachio with slivered almonds. It looked funny being green, but it was really good. My daughter was over and said mom, is that pistachio? Yes it is. Well do you think I could take some of this home? Why not? LOL

It so has to get warmer soon, don't know how much more of this my heater can take. It has never worked this hard, not even in the summer. When I got up this morning the house was 65, the thermostat was set at 70. I think it is time to invest in a wood stove.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. I've been hearing about your record cold temps, and thought of you! It is even harder when you aren't used to it.

    I'm sorry that you have been ill, and hope that you are on the fast track to being your healthy self once again!

    You must be, to be making bread and sewing! lol Your projects are lovely, as always, and that bread sounds yummy. .green or not! :-)

  2. Awwwww sweetie..It has been frigid here also, unusually cold. Today I go with middle child to look at a cosmetology school. One child following in my footsteps...kinda weird. But I told her the pros and cons. But she is 21 and at a good age to start and could help her get through a college if she decided to go back for art. Will fill ya in on the progress with that this evening. Stay warm and drink some herbal tea and honey sweetie...friends need friends healthy to gossip, vent and whine with...and definately LAUGH with.


  3. Dede that must be very hard when your husband is gone all the time. I know we all have to do what we have to do though.


  4. hope your warmer days return soon.... Ours was wonderful yesterday.... 54... actually sat out on the back porch half the day just enjoying it.... glad to hear hubby is going to be home this weekend too... love the hears... you are such a crafy girl....

  5. Love the hearts!! Yikess do you have the flu too, ohhhh I hope not, get better real soon!! Men, lol, they are so whimpy when they are sick. Sounds like young son has passed the "Man In Training Course", lol. I can't believe how long this cold snap has lasted in your area, not a bit good for the crops either. Sure hope is warms up soon. I'm coming to your house for fresh baked bread, yum.


  6. Do feel better Dede! The flu is the pits! Hope your hubby isn't gone for too long this time. I wish he could find something closer to home!

    Hopeing for warmer weather for you!

  7. Oh I love those hearts! I know it's cold down there I think you'll be warming up later this week! We are going to be in the high 30's yeah! I can't wait! :)

  8. Ok..let see..glad you are feeling better hon...ackkkkk!! The bread..can you possibly come here and back for me too?? Yummm.
    Glad the hubby is coming home soon - whoo hoo..can you come do my cleaning..running out of time.....And I LOOOOOOVE the hearts..they are darling hon!! Love, Sarah

  9. Sounds like you have been busy even with your flu! Pistachio bread sounds very spring like being green and all!! What a nice idea for St. Patricks Day! Take care now!


It was nice of you to take time out of your busy day to stop by. Blessings to you and your family! (((HUGS)))