Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Enjoyable Weekend

Today is Sunday, February 7, 2010. It has been a pretty weekend. It would have been a warm weekend if the wind wasn't blowing. The warmth of the sun was so welcomed. I do think that Spring is on its way, at least the Chain Tree and the Rose Bush are thinking so.

George came home Friday for young son's birthday on Saturday. Young son was very happy to see him pull in the driveway Friday night. Like when he was little waiting for his daddy at the window. That seems like it wasn't that long ago. Now our baby of 7, he has turned 14. And to think that our first born will be 27 in a few months.

The daughter and her family came over late evening Friday, so young son opened his gifts. He was tickled with the xbox 360. I guess that this game you can subscribe to and play "on line" with other players. What happened to Atari and Pong? A simple joystick was all that was needed to play, very simple compared to the ones that they use today. I do think this is why I don't play these games, the controllers have way to many buttons for me to remember what they are used for.

Saturday we all went out to dinner. a very enjoyable meal. Great company, conversations and the food was pretty good too. Not to mention I didn't have to clear the table and do the dishes. LOL

George had to leave to go back today. They wanted pizza. So I made pizza and got him packed and loaded up. He locked his frozen food in the tool box on his truck. Now I know it wasn't funny when someone took his last cooler, but watching him lock the cooler in the tool box was funny.

Now it is time to clean up the kitchen and get back to work. We did make a trip to Gainesville on Saturday it took us about two hours. Just a quick trip there and back. I was able to get the spring/summer fabric that I so wanted to use on my next projects. I saved 20% by printing off a coupon. Thank you Sarah for the heads up that I was able to do this. I bought 5 bundles so it was like getting one free.

Okay time to clean up the kitchen and get to work. Hope that everyone is safe and warm. These winter storms have been really ugly this year. Be safe.....

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


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  2. Happy birthday to your son! You can send Spring my way anytime! We are calling for a bunch of snow this week ICK!!!!
    Hope your hubby is feeling better!
    Much Love and Blessings dear one!

  3. Will your son always be 7, in your mind, Dede. I'm glad you all had a good birthday, and yeah, I'd stay up late many a night, playing space invaders on atari...I haven't played the new games.
    back to work...Lisa

  4. Happy Birthday to your son! Yep I had pong the new games are mindblowing! :) Becca

  5. Glad to hear your weekend went well and everyone had a great time for your son's birthday! Yes the weather has been wild in many areas and now I hear we will be getting a winter storm starting tonight until Wednesday. Yes it will be awhile until spring!

  6. Dede tell your son Happy Birthday for me. My baby just turned 32 a couple a weeks ago. Where does the time go. Opps just told my age.LOL
    Dede sound like you had a wonderful day with your family. Don't you just love special days they are the best!!!

  7. Happy birthday to your son Dede! I am glad you had a nice weekend,isn't it great when after a big meal someone else does the dishes? Bliss! ((hugs))


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