Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Terrific Giveaway and A Game of Tag

Today is Wednesday, March 17, 2010. It was another very wet day. Wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day! With all of this rain, the yard is turning a beautiful green.

Take a look at the beautiful picture! This is an AWESOME giveaway over at the Magical Holiday Artists blog. This is one terrific giveaway! Get on over there and enter to win.

I was tagged by "x" over at Bogaman's Blog in the picture tag. This is something very new or at least very new to me. So here is how it works:

Go to your first photo album and pick the tenth picture, post it, and tell the story behind it.

Tag five other bloggers.This picture I took to show George what the dogs had done to his, yes his Hibiscus tree. This was a beautiful plant that stood about five feet and was just full of flowers. He and I had talked about where he needed to plant it. I tried to explain to him that he can't plant anything that the dogs could get to. Oh no, they are almost three and they are out of the chewing. Okay baby, it's your tree. When I seen what they had done, I almost died. I sent him a before and after picture.

Here are my five tags:

Claire over at Clairedulalune

Brenda over at Wicked Wool Gathering

Becca over at Magikal Seasons

Sherry over at Cross Stitching Wiccan Blog

Suzie over at Cat In The Pumpkin Moon

Things have been a little more than crazy lately. I really don't care for things to be this busy or to be spread so thin. Although I do have some great news that I will share with you this weekend. I talked to George this morning and he will be home Friday. I am thrilled, he shouldn't be home for another week. But this is a good thing and I will share everything with all of my blogger buddies this weekend.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. Yay for George coming home! Sad about the hibiscus - but dogs do chew... Although I don't think I've ever had a dog that took out shrubbery before!

  2. That's pretty sad. What kind of dogs do you have? X.

  3. Wonderful news about George coming home early, and am anxious to hear the rest of your good news!

    But how sad looking is your poor Hibiscus tree. Sometimes our hubbys can only learn the hard way it seems, not wanting to take our word for anything, and in this instance it is worse, because the tree was the victim. You can't blame the dogs, since they are only doing what comes naturally. They probably thought that it was neat that the tree was put there, just for them!

    Now, my darling Dede. . .this photo thing. . I saw it on someone else's blog, and thought "shudder". .I hope that it doesn't come to me, because I haven't completely sorted out photos in eons, and maybe this is a sign that I should. .but I haven't even started.
    I KNOW what my first folder is, and it as a lot of images that I never was going to post for anyone else to see. .it is my art folder, and has a lot of rough drafts of projects, or things I've sent out to people. .so, it will depend upon what the 10th one is, as to whether I ever speak to you again, or not! rofl (and I notice that you sent me extra hugs, to soften the blow. .didn't work! lol)
    Hugs back attacha anyway. .

  4. Ok I'll try this! :) Glad the hubby is home for the weekend!

  5. Yay so glad he is home early hon!! Whoot! How fun was this...I love these kinds of tags..they float around now and again!! Love your!!
    Love, Sarah

  6. was just thinking about you today and hopeing all was well. congrats on the award.... hope your weekend is wonderful

  7. Thank you so much Dede! Glad to be back and what a wnderful surprise you have for me! This sounds fun! I am sorry to hear about the dog chewing incident, but my my, you have beautiful nails! ((hugs))

  8. Hello Dede, poor hibiscus tree... Thanks for the tag, how fun.

    Hope your having a wonderful weekend with hubby!!


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