Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Start Date is Monday!

Today is Tuesday, May 4, 2010. Woke to pouring rain yesterday. It was cooler, but not cold.

George got all of his paper work done and his UA. Called the company back to let them know that it had been faxed to them, they gave him a start date of MONDAY! So we are heading home Saturday morning? Oh, no we will be outta here Friday, he informed me. In a hurry to get home are you? I just thought we could get up early on Saturday and leave then, I'll be fine, he said.

There are three or four of them that used to work together in Lake City, that will now be working together in Jacksonville. He has been sitting for eight hours a day doing nothing but waiting on QC's. When he called me at eight yesterday morning, he informed me he had had enough. George is a doer and doesn't sit well, so for him to sit and do nothing for eight hours is just pure torture.

The boys are really excited about going home. Young son informed me he wants dad to put a diving board on our pool, good luck with that one. Son #5 is going nuts not driving and listening to all of that bass they play. And of course their friends, good thing for me that they have their friends on the "friends" list with Verizon, or I would have to auction them off on e-bay to pay their bill.

As for me, I have learned a lot. My four bedroom, 2 bath, one which the boys do not use, is a beautiful place to be. My kitchen didn't use to have near enough counter space, however it does now. No more dryers for me, my clothes line is my friend. And Doc running around chasing the birds and squirrels without a chain, free to run, barking when someone is coming up to the gates will be such a welcome sight. I doubt he will ever step foot in this RV again.

Thinking back on all of this, when it all first started seven months ago, there are things that we do not know. We tried for months to get a house here, tried to even buy, but nothing was happening. If we had rented and signed a lease, we would have six months of rent to pay on a house. If we had bought a house we would have another mortgage to pay. We just had to go through this. It has shown us how blessed that we really are and made us all a stronger family unit. Even the boys now know how great their privacy is at home, they have missed that, but then I have too.

So Friday afternoon or early evening, we will head home, where our hearts are.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today.~Brightest Blessings~


  1. You have been on a life experience! Glad things are working out for you and safe travels HOME for you and your family!

  2. You've been through so many experiences. So glad that it has worked out for you. I haven't used dryers in ages. I rinse my clothes by hand and hang them on the line. They smell so fresh when you take them in.

  3. Hey Dede
    Well you have had a exciting journey it was so nice to be with yall through it. Sometimes we need to go through them to find out how wonderful we do have it.LOL I am so happy for all of you to be going home. As we pulled into Amarillo the other night I told hubby it sure looked good to me and to be home is wonderful.
    You stay safe and have a great relaxing trip home.

  4. Hi Dede! That's good news for you and your family. :) And you know how it is with any kind of trip, when you are on it, you are pulling out your hair and losing your mind, and then time passes, and you look back fondly and say "Wasn't that a sweet time we had together?". :) I bet Doc will be very happy to get back! xox Pam

  5. That is wonderful news!! Happy dancing with all of you!! You have all had quite the ride.


  6. You put tears in my eyes. I am so glad you are getting to go home!

  7. Yay...to home...Things happen for a reason. You knew in ur heart things were going to happen otherwise u would have rented or bought. But it was meant for yall not to go through that. Also alot of wishes to bring on the right thing to happen. Dear friend Im glad yall will be at peace now.


  8. Yaaaaaay for Dede!! Someday, you'll look back on this experience and laugh. .you already have figured out what this little side journey has taught you. A lot of people wouldn't be that astute!

    I know that your other puppy woofer will be glad to see you, and be back home too! And you'll be able to help her care for her puppies if she has any. She'll feel much more comfortable with the family that she loves there.

    Oh! Oh! And you'll have room to get some wool to play with!

    Soooo, what is the very first thing that you are going to do when you get home? Have George carry you over the threshold! lol

  9. It was just the path to follow, home is where the heart is. and it will be a good memory. But I'd appreciate the privacy also.

  10. what a lovely post to read Dede, you are going home with adventures and lessons behind you all1 i love that it has brought your family closer, that is the most precious thing! ((hugs!))

  11. Congratulations to your husband! I am SO glad he got a job back in Jacksonville!


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