Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Good Busy

Today is Thursday, August 5, 2010. What a quick week this has been. Could have to do with the fact that I have stayed pretty busy. An enjoyable busy, not a have to busy.

Have been working on little items to put into my Esty shop. I made these pins last year for the holidays to give as gifts. A friend of mine wanted to buy one for her sister, only I didn't have any made. She then wanted to know why not. She is right, why don't I have them made. So I got busy.

Found a couple bottles that I had started before the SC mess and had never finished. So I got those finished up too. Still have a haunted house tote that is cut out and needs to be finished up, a Halloween lap quilt that needs to be finished. Not to mention a couple dozen pins that still need to be finished, Halloween and Yule. There are not enough hours in a day and then I think, if there were more hours in a day, would we ever get finished or just have more to do?

We went to Michaels in Gainesville Tuesday after George got home from work. Boy, do they have the coolest Halloween village. Young son says we have to get that, when I asked him where we would set it up at, he said he didn't know, we will worry about that later. A boy after my own heart. After picking up supplies we went to young sons favorite place to eat, Cici's Pizza. I tried to get the guys to leave me at the craft store and go eat. They wouldn't have it, lucky me. I could get into some real trouble if left alone in there.

Today I will get more things started and others finished. Probably won't get to much done this weekend. George said that they were going to be going on six days, that means this will be his last weekend off for awhile. It is to hot to be working six days in this heat. I don't know how he does it.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself! My oldest son works like George does. Works a lot, I don't know how he stands the heat either. I love your little quilt blocks! They are so colorful!

  2. Good Busy is wonderful. I don't believe we ever finish or we are even supposed to!
    The pins look great, off to see if you have listed them yet ;-}
    Love and hugs.

  3. Good busy is great...brings a sense of accomplishment. You know, I have never checked out Etsy. I think it is time, don't you?

  4. Hey Dede
    You have been busy! What beautiful creations you have. I know you will sale all of them you are so talented. Tell your hubby to take it easy in the heat.

  5. you have been busy... fall is coming soon and before you know it will be christmas... how time does fly as you get older... :-)

  6. Oooooooo so much fun stuff!! I love being busy like that! I swear Dede I have at least 10 pieces inked out waiting for paint!!! Trying to get the preschool program up and going for Fall too..ackkkkk! Some days I wish we homeschooled would be easier really!! LOL!
    I am off to your shop to see what you created close up!!
    Did you get my email last week..I think it got lost out there..about the Trinket giveaway thingy?
    Hugs and love to you hon, Sarah

  7. Oooh what fun things! I love everything you make. You son sounds like a winner. hehe

  8. Oh - you couldn't leave me alone in a craft store for too long either - lol!

    I hope you've had a wonderful weekend - even though it's been hot!

  9. Wow Dede, you have been busy!! Look at all of those wonderful goodies!! I love them all! I shouldn't be allowed in a craft store unsupervised. I probably could open my own craft store with all of the stuff I have, lol.

    Yum, I love Cicci's!! We don't have one around here, we use to go to the one in NC when we were living there.

    Welp, I'm off to hopefully get something made.

    Have a great week!
    ((Big Hugs))


It was nice of you to take time out of your busy day to stop by. Blessings to you and your family! (((HUGS)))