Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Raining, No It's Pouring

Today is Tuesday, September 28, 2010. The rains have arrived again. It poured buckets yesterday starting late morning. Just when you thought it was going to stop, here is come again. From the looks of it this morning, it is going to do more of the same today.

Yesterday was just one of those days. It looked nice out so I hung out the laundry, then off to let the chickens out and get their house cleaned up. No sooner got their house cleaned and the thunder boomed. Here come the black clouds and rain. It didn't start out with that little sprinkle and then start the down pour, no it just started the down pour. Ran back to get the clothes off the line, then back to the front to get the chickens back into their house. Of course the little white one and trouble thought they would like to stay and play in the rain. So be it girls, play in the rain. They do look funny when they are wet. Not really much to them, they are all feathers. Then with the rains brought the power outages, I so need to get more battery operated clocks. No sooner would I get them all set and it would go out again. Gave up on setting them until late last night, had to stop all of those flashing lights.

Guessing that it was going to rain all day, started making candy. Was able to get eight dozen mints made, only another 37 dozen to go. I figure that in a week the mints will be done and then on to the chocolate candies. I usually make the little fruit cakes last they are the easiest. Would like the cooler weather to be here before the oven starts going for hours.

Got into my car and the set was wet, this doesn't make me a happy camper. Why is my seat wet? Of course the first thing that came to my mind was George what have you done?. After checking out the situation, I find that I need a new top. UGH..... Of course this is going to happen when the rain is coming down by the buckets full. So I ordered another top, sure hope it gets here really, really soon.

It was featured in an Etsy news letter yesterday!Von Erickson's Original Coffin Couch

Young son thought this was great! Check it out to see more pictures, it is truly wicked!

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. You sure do have your hands full with those chickens. It's too funny what they put us humans through. I love your tales of your babies.

  2. Chickens are so much fun! LOL That is a lot of candy good job. The coffin couch is amazing. I love it.
    It rained here, Florence, OR., all week then yesterday was the best day we have had all summer.
    Blessings for today

  3. Too funny - I guess the chix don't care much about rain. Sorry to hear about the car expense though - that's never fun.

    Some pretty serious clouds here this morning, but I'm going to brave a walk anyway. Have a great day!

  4. Yikes! I wrote a Comment and it went poof, when I checked the price on that coffin couch. -pout- No fair! Just wanted to say; "And it only costs $4,900!" -grin-

    Sorry about all the rain-related stuff.

    All that humidity and you still made candy. Wow, you are amazing. I need cool, to even think about baking, etc. I'm such a wimp!!! :-)

    Now to Post this Comment, before I make it go poof, again.

    Gentle hugs...

  5. Hi dear brightness,
    also in Austria its raining the whole day.
    I make light inside so the dark is gone and drink Johanniskrauttee...
    terrible the SARG, who wants to lie there...
    me not- i go to the flame like whiches behaviour...hihi
    blessed be

  6. and something else, the translation toole you installed is same like i have, but the translations are terrible, the turn in the words so it seems like baby language, something to smile about...

  7. No rain here in England yet but I know it's coming :-( Love the coffin couch!

  8. Dede,I think we are sharing the rain now..Here it just keeps coming down.
    That coffin sofa is really wild!!Hugs,Cat

  9. We are going to get more rain today, too. I had to laugh about the clocks. I get tired of resetting them, especially the one on my nightstand (blinking, blinking while I am trying to sleep! :). The coffin couch is so cool, but it doesn't look very comfie - unless you lie down! lol!! I hope you have a great day today! I must have missed it - why are you making your candy? xox!

  10. That coffin couch is totally awesome. I ♥ it!


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