Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?!?

Today is Tuesday, October 12, 2010. The weather has cooled down again here, so happy! The days are in the 80's and the evenings are in the 50's. Supposed to get into the 40's at night starting Thursday. Going to make some really cool mornings here. Looking forward to the fall colors arriving.

I usually don't get to worked up over stupid statements, but let me tell you, this got me all worked up. Mama called yesterday to tell me that there would be no cost of living adjustment in social security again this year, the cost of living has not went up. This statement was just about as good as the "recession is over". What world are these people living in? Surly not this one. In the same breath the price of gas is likely to go to almost $3.00 a gallon, a gas tax, to pay for another spending bill?

Are you kidding me? The cost of living has not went up? These folks haven't gone to the grocery store in a while, have they? When the cost of fuel went up, so did the groceries, however when the cost of fuel went down, the grocery prices never went down, in fact they have gone up. Last week when I went shopping coffee went from $6.98 to $7.60 and the can is now 7 ounces less! This was a hike in just one week! Same thing with hot dogs a one pound package is now 12 ounces, bacon same thing and so many other items.

The price of gas in October 2009 (east coast) was $2.41, this year $2.67, ours is running at $2.69 as of yesterday. The price of electric, I used our electric company, couldn't find any numbers as a whole, in 2009 was $109.30 (based on 1,000 KWH), this year $112.50. These prices do NOT include what they call a "fuel adjustment cost" which is a little over 1/3 of the bill, nor does it include taxes or membership fee of what use to be $7.00 a month and is now $11.00 a month. The cable bill has also went up another $8.00 a month.

I want to know where the cost of living has not gone up and the recession is over. I am ready to pack up and move. These folks that make these kinds of statements have had one to many tasty beverages. Am I the only one that has noticed the prices going up? Am I living in the wrong place? Are my bills the only ones that are going up?

Help me to understand these kinds of statements........thanks for listening.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. "I want to know where the cost of living has not gone up and the recession is over. I am ready to pack up and move."

    I don't think we ordinary folk, can move there. It's in the flaky minds of our present Administration. :-((((((((

    Come to think of it, would we want to move there, if we could???? Into the flaky minds of our present Administration.



    No matter what the weather is, or how much anyone says the election is going to come out ok. Every single citizen, who is fed up, must get out and vote.

  2. It's not any better in England either. Prices are stupid and big companies seem to be getting richer. There's something very wrong with this picture.

  3. I join you in frustration and anger over this issue. My husband just got on SS disability (after working a physical job for 37 years) and I guess that is what we have to look forward to...no cost of living raises. I said the same thing to him...what do you mean no inflation when the price of food, gas and utilities keep rising higher and quicker than our incomes do? Obviously the people who make this analyses don't live in the real world.

    I keep saying to my hubby that I am so sick of the crappolla with big government and big companies I am ready to move "off-grid" and provide for ourselves from the land like our ancestors did.

    Not that it will matter, but I will be voting in November here in Pennsylvania.

  4. I am so with you here Dede..going to grocery store makes me cringe.Now I have to be honest with you,I was never the one to cut coupons,never one to shop with sales,never one to even notice,but now Dede,I have no other choice.Im feeling your frustration and everyone else outthere is feeling it too!!Just on the news there was the "Outspoken Moma"..this lady that has taken her bullhorn and is picketing in Arizona for jobs...is this what we have to do just to get our voices heard!
    Im with you Amelia..November!!
    Big Hugs,Cat

  5. It's so hard to live anymore. I want so badly to retire, but can't because everything is so expensive. Without my salary, we wouldn't survive. And forget healthy foods. My last shopping order, I decided to go healthier with less sugar and calories and for basically the same amount of food, paid almost $40 extra.

    Yes, you are right in your comment. I'd forgotten about that little fight I had to handle....and they weren't even clients from our program.

  6. Well here is my voice. I live on disability and to NOT have another increase is really going to hurt me. Not to mention that last year we didn't get a cost of living increase but our medicare insurance permiums still went up. I am sure it will be the same this year. The thing of it is the people who run this country don't have to pay for ANYTHING. And the get a huge pay check. Oh and raises every 6 months. So not they don't have a clue what the real world is all about.

  7. Don't get me started, Dede! LOL! Here is how I shop at the grocery store: I pick up the flyer and see what is on sale, and that is what we eat. I feel like I have it better than 2/3rds of the people in this country, and I am seriously feeling the pinch. My heart goes out to young families with kids, where mom and dad are both working, and don't have enough money to make ends meet. These are very hard times, and anyone who doesn't know it must have a hell of a lot more money than I do. I feel very badly for the families that are trying to get ahead, and having such a hard time. That breaks my heart. xox!! Pam

  8. PS. That is a beautiful necklace, Dede! xox


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