Friday, March 18, 2011

Just Catching Up

Today is March 18, 2011. A beautiful spring more like summer day, of 83 degrees. The trees are budding and there are even flowers blooming.

While I was in the hospital, I gained a daughter, #4 son and now his wife were married! They wanted to push up the date and I told them NO, life continues to go on and you are going to get married as planned. And they did! They had someone to take a video and loads of pictures. I am so proud of them. They were married at Fallen Creek just gorgeous, am so looking forward to getting that video!

Went to two appointments on Wednesday. One to radiation and the other to the surgeons. They made my mask and did their CT scan, mapped out where they were going to target the radiation. I will have 6 weeks of radiation, one day each week I will have two doses, 6 hours apart. They are talking Chemo also, I'm not so sure about that. That would be 6 doses of radiation a week plus Chemo? Think I will do some thinking on this. This process took almost four hours.

Then to the surgeons office which took under 30 minutes! Have another swallow test next Wednesday. I have to pass this test! I am so damn hungry for food, I haven't eaten food since February 24, that's a very long time. Woke up the other morning thinking about food. Cottage cheese with fruit, cheese, swiss rolls, nachos oh and lets not forget a greasy burger! Within three weeks I Should have a skin graph on my right arm and then about one week should be able to remove all dressing and start working it again. The prosthesis is 6 months down the road. He wants to make sure everything is healed before doing it.

Today I actually felt pretty good. Got me a bath, did some laundry, ironing, balanced the check book geesh what a mess that was and of course dinner. Had to have some help tonight with peeling the potatoes for the french fries, a little hard to do with only your left hand. Son #5 was more than happy to help and together we made dinner.

Hoping tomorrow to make a couple stoma covers made of cotton for the summer. It will be a test, I have no pattern, so wish me luck. I also have to find a few, don't want just one to wear ever day, bracelet that says " I am a neck breather". I really like the hand stamped jewelry, so I am thinking like a cuff style and making one with chain with the tag in the middle, the designs are so endless.

I have ran on here long enough and still need to have George change the dressing on my arm. Thank all of you! You have been a real blessing to me and my family! I love all of you sweet friends!

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. You have got to be the strongest person I ever me...a hero to me. I think of you often throughout the day and night and pray each day you continue to heal. You have become such a special part of my life, my dear friend. I love you and feel blessed to have you as a friend.

  2. Dede - you are so completely and utterly awesome. Seriously, I think the world of you. So you take good care of you, and build up your strength for the coming days. Congratulations on the new addition to your lovely family. I once asked someone I know, who is elderly (but so full of life and energy that she seems very young to me), how she did it. She told me this: "Keep moving, Pam. Keep engaging in life."
    See how smart you are? :))) Love to you xoxo Pam

  3. Best of luck with all which is coming. I hope you have good advice, on the questionable thing.

    Wonderful that you had your family carry on, with the same plans, like the wedding... Even though you were ill. Very generous of you and I hope it's appreciated.

    Gentle hugs...

  4. DeDe, I feel so bad... I have been so far behind in regards to so much of my blog reading and quite lazy in regards to making it up. Now I run across yours today and I see I have missed alot.

    I went back over previous posts and caught up on your "adventure". Goodness girl you have had one. My prayers are with you and also wishes for a good recovery which it sounds like you are slowing obtaining.

    Keeping you in my thoughts. Enjoy your sunny spring days. And congrats on your son's marriage.

  5. Dede you are one incredible person!! May the Goddess continue to watch over you and your family.

  6. Hi sweet Dede - I actually woke up thinking of you today! I've not been keeping up with my reading, so ran here with my coffee in hand to see that you are home and up and about! Yay!

    So happy to hear you are out for a walk in the yard, and puttering around. As longs as you don't wear yourself out!

    So much love and good energy to you. I know you will decide what will work for you as far as the chemo.

    And congrats on the wedding!

  7. Hello Dede, glad to hear you got some things done, don't go too hard on yourself! i am thinking of you and think you are one amazing lady! Much love to you!!!xxx

  8. Girl ya blow me away..ya really do hon! Such strength in you girl!! I would be a mess! Your bravery amazes me!! That said...I would never make it without solid foood...ackkk cudos to you hon!!
    You have been on my mind daily sending energy and Reiki your way. I know the chemo was a surprise...I hope they fill you in there!
    Sending hugs and love to you hon, Sarah

  9. So glad you are home and wishing all the best for you with lots of good things to come your way. xoxo

  10. I was so happy to see your comment on my blog today!


It was nice of you to take time out of your busy day to stop by. Blessings to you and your family! (((HUGS)))