Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Have The Sweetest Friends, I really Do

Today is Thursday, June 16, 2011. The thunderstorms have arrived! Not that we don't need the rain, because we really, really do. But, I don't like driving in the down pours! George woke me up this morning and announced that he would be taking me to treatment today. Okay..what gives? He has a doctors appointment this afternoon and was going to go with me anyway, has nothing to do with the rain. LOL

I received a gorgeous package Tuesday! It was wrapped in a mint green tissue paper and garden tools, topped off with a green poka dot ribbon. It contained TWO books! The beautiful hand written card was like the cherry on the cake. Thank you Suzie!

Then today I received another package, it contained something that I had ordered for a special someone, and something that I didn't. It is a gorgeous Magic Bottle of Hope! George read both of the cards and told me,"You have some really sweet friends, you really do." I know that, I really do! The handmade card was so cool! Thank you Marie!

Yesterday was my long day and also the day the I see my doctor. She told me she didn't know what I was doing, but don't change a thing. I guess because I refuse to have all of the ailments that someone else has, she has a hard time believing it. Like I told her to start with, please don't tell me how I am going to feel, let me tell you how I am feeling. The power of suggestion is just to great. She told me that I was flying through this, yeah I am, FUCK cancer! 11 more treatments to go! Whoot!

Geesh, I can't believe that I didn't publish this before leaving this morning! I think that maybe the radiation is effecting my brain.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessing!


  1. I think my comment disappeared. Silly me, trying to enlarge the picture while typing a comment. What a wonderful surprise for you. My friend, you are much loved. Glad to hear the treatments are almost over. Love you, my friend.

  2. Great attitude!


    Gentle hugs,

  3. That is very sweet - thanks for sharing that with us. Visits here always seem to make me smile.


  4. Yay, Dede! You keep on doing exactly what you are doing. Keep that positive vibe. And your goodies look lovely - such nice people in the world, right? :))) xox Pam

  5. HI dede! It is always wonderful to get treats in the mail. Only 11 treatments to go yeah! Time to count down. Xo bec


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