Friday, February 8, 2013

Can't Believe It's Friday

"Inspire" Fabric Mixed Media Journal

Today is Friday, February 8, 2013. I can't believe it's Friday, this week has truly flown by. The weather has been really icky.  We have seen the sun at sunrise and sunset other than that, it has been asleep.

It has been a productive week, not only was I able to get two wooden journals done, but a fabric one done as well.  The pictures have all been taken and the listings are done.  I have found that if I set the listings live one a day instead of all at one time, there is more activity in the shop.  So I set one live this morning and will set one Saturday morning and then again Sunday morning.

I have to tell you about our anniversary.  You know that you are getting older and I must say wiser when you buy him a wheel barrow and he buys you a food saver.  I have to tell you that I love my food saver.  When I make soup, I put bowl size portions in the freezer on a cookie sheet to freeze flat and boy does that make it sweet for a quick lunch or dinner. I did this with strawberries and they are just like fresh when you allow them to thaw in the frig for a day. Needless to say I gathered up vegetables and got busy in the kitchen.  But we did go out and get Chinese that night. It was either that or Mexican and George said lets do Chinese, hey I like them both.

Young son has been spreading his wings a little more going and doing things.  I am so glad to see him hanging out with friends and doing something.  I to think that he didn't "need" his drivers license. He is discovering females and I am not sure that he is to impressed with most of them.  So there is some kind of chicken place going in not to far from the house and they don't sell beer or wine so hoping that he will be able to get a job there.  That would really be good for him.

So this weekend will be another working weekend, George has to work so I figure I might just as well take advantage of that and get more things for the shop made.

So looking forward to the Spring, the pretty colors and warm sunshine.  It has been so cloudy and ugly here, just damp and cold.

~Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today!~ Brightest Blessing


  1. Happy Friday, dear friend. It's been pretty gray up here as well. On my cooking days I always cook up huge batches of soup and freeze in portion sizes to bring to work for lunch. Saves me a ton of money. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Busy bee as always! You know i had something in mind to say when i started this comment, but all i can think of is the chinese! Yum!

  3. No, i did n't have any chinese. while pregnant i do not eat take out because i am not sure it is thoroughly cooked and washed. I miss it terribly especially chinese and suvlaki.

  4. The journals are so pretty. You are right buy him a man thing and we get kitchen things. The food saver is truly that. So much to worry about when the kids grow up. I think boys are easier than girls. LOL
    Have a happy weekend

  5. Happy Anniversary! Oh and Sunday love the journals you make. I have noticed that on etsy.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I don't have a food saver...hmm...maybe I'll put that on my anniversary list this year. :) I'm ready for Spring, too. I keep thinking about planting, and sunshine, and warm breezes. ;) xox


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