Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's Wednesday, But Our Friday

Today is Wednesday, March 27, 2013.  It was way to cold yesterday for me and this morning isn't any better, the kerosene heater is going again to take the chill off the house.  You know it is cold when the dogs look at you like you want me to go out there why?  It is supposed to start getting warmer by the end of the week, not much time left considering that the is Wednesday.

I started playing around with some scraps yesterday and this is where it went.  Actually I started out making a skirt that you make out of a jelly roll for my grand daughter.  While I was cutting strips the little pieces were laying there so I sewed them together, this is what I ended up with.  So today I will sew the binding down and work on the skirt.  The skirt is super cute and can be made so many ways.

There is one that you make just the front with scraps putting them together any way, kind of like odds and ends and then the back half of the skirt is the same fabric and of course an elastic waist.  I have never made a skirt but I am thinking that if the dresses, shorts and pj bottoms got done, I do think I can do these skirts.  Would love to make them for myself.  I love skirts they can be dressy or everyday, flats or wedges, tank tops or blouses not to mention wash and wear cotton.

Thrilled that George is off tomorrow and maybe have a four day weekend! YES! Not sure if this is going to happen for sure but boy is my mind moving on all of the things that we could do in four days.  Where we could go and the things we could do.  We do have court tomorrow afternoon but nothing after that is planned. Soooo we shall see what will happen.....

Young son spent the night at a friends house last night there are a few of them that are headed for a skate park in Gainsville this morning and wanted to get there early.  Okay boys, how do you like this weather?  I sure hope they are smart enough to wear warm clothes and take shorts with them to change into later in the day if it gets warm.  I don't need him sick to bring it back to me.

~Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today!~ Brightest Blessing


  1. 4 day weekend! Whoohoo! I hope the weather will be inviting and you will get to have lots of outdoors fun. Here the weather seems indecisive. One moment our asses are freezing and the next we are sweating! But everything still smells like spring!
    Lots and lots of love!!

    1. Hi sweet lady! Hope that you are feeling well and that Spring reaches you soon! It has been so cold here and this is the end of March.

      Wishing you a Sun Shine filled day!


    2. Gosh, I do love those four day weekends. Enjoy, my friend.

    3. It's always an enjoyable day when I get to spend it with George. Wishing you a blessed day my friend!



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