Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bonanzle Yule Finds

While doing more Yule shopping today on Bonanzle I ran across a new Bonanzle booth called ew410's Booth at: This Bonanzle Booth could be a blessing or a curse. Look at all the yummy things I found here!
#3 Fudge Sampler-4 ~ 1/2LB-your choice of 4-Home made! $20.00 Oh my! You can't make it for this price!

White Chocolate Peanut butter Fudge-1Lb -EXCELLENT $10.00 This looks so yummy!
Maple Pecan Fudge~Homemade~1LB~ Excellent! $10.00 This is a new Bonanzle Booth that is well worth checking out! Stop by and say hello!
Another wonderful find this morning is Cleo Great Deals at: She has some really rare pieces here and pretty too! Check out these finds.
Beadedshawl1_bonanzle_thumb155_crop Beadshawl_bonanzle2_thumb155_crop Beadedshawl3_bonanzle_thumb155_crop
Seed Bead Evening Fringe Shawl Shormark Las Vegas $45.00 This is just a fabulous find! Just an awesome piece! Beautiful! This is a hand beaded find here.
Hand Beaded Medicine Pouch Necklace $22.00 This is just wonderful, would love to find my name on this!
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Cuffbracelet_vintage_bonanzle_thumb155_crop Cuffbracelet2_vintage_bonanzle_thumb155_crop
Silver Tone Metal Hammered Cuff Bracelet $7.00 You aren't going to beat this price anywhere! Just a beautiful piece of jewelry! This a cute little Bonanzle booth called Dude&Chick's at: Here I found a really cute teapot set:
20080828_0539_thumb155_crop 20080828_0541_thumb155_crop 20080828_0542_thumb155_crop 20080828_0538_thumb155_crop
Vintage Ceramic Teapot & 6 cups Japanese-style Tea $10.00 This set is only $10! I found a terrific tray for this set only I closed the tab before I got the address. So I will have to go find it again.
20081023_0753_thumb155_crop 20081023_0754_thumb155_crop 20081023_0756_thumb155_crop
Heart lock dangle Earrings $3.00 Are these not the cutest pair of earring and $3!
20080828_0531_thumb155_crop 20080828_0532_thumb155_crop 20080828_0533_thumb155_crop
Advance to Boardwalk Board Game Parker Brothers No.0014 $3.00 Another great find !
I could spend my days going through all of the Bonanzle Booths! So many items and so little time! Most of the Bonanzle Booth owners still take Money Orders too! Come on over to Bonanzle and check out the great finds!

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