Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bonanzle For All of Your Yule Needs

I am still in awe of all the neat things that I continue to find on Bonanzle! I discover new things there everyday. I found this Bonanzle Booth Handmade Treasures' this morning, she makes all of these items. Everyone loves handmade items and Yule is just around the corner.
Crocheted_scarf_005_pinata_thumb155_crop Crocheted_scarf_005_closeup_thumb155_crop
Winter Scarf - Pinata - Handmade $12.00 This is a beautiful handmade scarf and for only $12!
Small_berka_shell_white_thumb155_crop Small_berka_shell_white_closeup_thumb155_crop
Berka Shell Doily (Sm.) - White - Handmade $10.00 Now I don't know about you, but my time is worth more than the asking price of the fantastic handmade doily!
Small Fashion Bag - Pink, Orange, and Green - Handmade $10.00 This is just to pretty! You aren't going to find a gift like this for only $10!
I also found this Bonanzle Booth this morning and it has the neatest items! Bonanzle Booth WhatCanIDUForU
Img_3775_thumb155_crop Img_3776_thumb155_crop Img_3777_thumb155_crop
Beautiful Brass Tea Pot with Stunning Scroll Work 7" High $10.00 Is this just to kewl or what and check out that price! Would love to find my name on this under that tree this year!
Img_3277_thumb155_crop Img_3282_thumb155_crop
Beautiful Vintage Brass Pitcher, Made in India $5.00 OBO This is just awesome and for $5 bucks! Like I said Bonanzle shopping is so easy and the deals are there to be had!
Img_3772_thumb155_crop Img_3773_thumb155_crop Img_3774_thumb155_crop
Vintage Fenton Clear Glass Hobnail Cat Shoe! $9.00 This is just so cute! Would be beautiful to put you stones in or even a candle with the vase marbles. The ideas are endless with this. I found a Bonanzle Booth called Cajun Fragrance Factory With loads of herbs!
1oz. Patchouli Heb, Cut & Sifted, Dried Herb $2.50 She also has resins:
1oz. Dragon's Blood Chunks, Resin, Incense $4.00 Also carries, roll on perfumes.
Dragon's Blood Roll On Perfume Fragrance Oil $3.49 You will also find reed diffuser oils and lots of other goodies. Bonanzle is over flowing with wonderful finds! Bonanzle Booth owners, for the most part still take Money Orders and now some are even offering a Layaway plan in their Booths. You can even pick up that gift certificiate for that hard to buy person in your life. There are so many options on Bonanzle and so little time to explore! Come on over to Bonanzle check out some real good deals and meet some really nice folks!

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