Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yule is Coming and Bonanzle Has Answers

Yesterday was Tickle Me Tuesday on Bonanzle. I love to go booth hopping to see the neat things I can find. Yule is so close to being here that I have started my shopping. I found this Bonanzle Booth called A Pinch of Rosemary http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/pinchrosemary? Now there are some really cute items here. Check out the sterling silver rings.
STERLING SILVER BRAIDED RING SIZE 9 $30 NEW $8.00 You can't beat that price! Anyone would love to find this under their tree with their name on it. And these are the cutest "pill box", however they look big enough to put a few herbs in, for on the go. They are really cute!
ENAMELED BUTTERFLY APPLIQUE DOUBLE PILL BOX $24 GOLD they are only $16.00! When I was living up north with the snow and having to scrape my windows, my gloves were my best friend. For those of you living up north, these are a very nice and great quality pair of gloves. A good pair of gloves is a must have!
FOWNES LEATHER WOMENS GLOVES LINED SIZE 6.5 BLK NWT $17.00! She has them in Brown also. She also has handbags, shoes, sandals, lets just say lots to be found in this beauty of a booth. Now this next Bonanzle Booth owner makes her things and you know how much I love handmade items. I was just blown away with her Bonanzle Booth SomehingPretty's Booth
http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/Somethingpretty She has every kind of personalized Ceramic Mug you could want and if you don't see something that you are looking for, ask.
PERSONALIZED Ceramic Mug MY LIFE dreams imagin $12.50 She is such a sweet lady to work with! I use these all of the time and with winter coming and buttons on everything, she has the kewlest button covers! Here are just a few:
Ceramic Buttons-Thoughts of Fall & Halloween $10.00
Ceramic Buttons CHRISTMAS JOY- STOCKINS & MITTENS $10.00 And she has got these fabulous "Whirligigs", she also makes these!
Whirligig- HUMMING BIRD-Garden $22.00 OBO To cute or what and lots to choose from! Lots of talent in this Bonanzle booth! Oh ladies, I have found a very unique Bonanzle Booth Lolly's
http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/Lolly? Check out these :
187209354_tp_thumb155_crop 187209354_tp_thumb155_crop 187209444_tp_thumb155_crop
TURQUOISE BUTTERFLY PRINT SILK BROCADE JEWELRY POUCH $13.00 I think these would work wonderful to carry stones in! And so pretty, lots of different colors. There are also these oh so pretty Cellphone pouch, in different colors and designs, could also be used for other items other than a cele phone.
134378774_tp_thumb155_crop 134378774_tp_thumb155_crop
Dark Blue Velvet Cellphone pouch Beaded Dragonfly $24.00
86798466_tp_thumb155_crop 86798466_tp_thumb155_crop 86798556_tp_thumb155_crop 86798661_tp_thumb155_crop
Natural Onyx Jar Trinket Jewelry Box with Lid $25.00 Several styles and sizes in this super Bonanzle Booth! There are so many Bonanzle Booths that I have yet to explore! It would be really nice that if you see something on Bonanzle, you know maybe I have missed, drop me a line or comment. Most of the Bonanzle Booth owners take Money Orders and lots of other payment types. Come on over to Bonanzle and say HEY!

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