Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Yule Gift Ideas At Bonanzle!

With Yule fast approaching lets get started with showing off a few Bonanzle Booths! Bonanzle has a listing count of 395261 and 10389 users this morning! Now that is a lot of Bonanzle folks to meet and chat with! Not to mention a load of Bonanzle Booths to check out! Let's get started.

Bonanzle Booth Sammy 97's at http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/sammy97 has some very unique items!
Ria010108_thumb200 Gold and Silver tone Black syenthitic Onyx Ring size 8 $14.00 This ring is just to unique! Very different indeed.
183921993_tp_thumb200 Gold toned CZ cocktail ring size 8 $8.00 Can you say BLING?
174682256_tp_thumb200 Brown beaded bracelet with silver tone hearts $4.00
This Bonanzle Booth owner has lots of bling here and does combine shipping. So shop without the fear of a huge shipping charge!

Bonanzle Booth Earth First Native Plant Nursery at http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/EarthFirstNatives has some very kewl things!
Chandelier_033_thumb200 Suet filled Pinecones $5.00 I just love things like this!
Chandelier_031_thumb200 12 Inch Winter/Holiday Bird Feeding Wreath $12.00
These are handmade and made to order! Fresh to your door, this has not been sitting on a shelf somewhere!
Ebay_items_007_thumb200 Bone Carved Owl Feather Earrings on Sterling Silver $15.00 These are also handmande! This Bonanzle Booth owner also combines shipping, so shop away!

Bonanzle Booth The Jewelry Shack's at http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/the_jewelry_shack
has some gorgeous handmade jewelry!
2446172_s1_i1_thumb200 Genuine Turquoise set in Sterling Silver Bracelet. $149.00 Just a beautiful piece!
2427079_s1_i1_thumb200 Blue Lab Opal set in Sterling Silver Pendant. $129.00
2569955_s1_i1_thumb200 Turquoise, Spiny Oyster Shell, Jet, Sugilite and Fire & Ice $199.00 My favorite stone sugilite! This Bonanzle Booth owner pays shipping, so the price you see is the price you pay!

Stop by my Bonanzle Booth Brightest Blessings Wiccans at http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/BrightestBlessings and say Hey!

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