Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Yule Shopping On Bonanzle!

I have found so many unique items on Bonanzle that this Yule shopping is going very well for me! I am actually having fun again shopping for the holidays at Bonanzle! Bonanzle has made it so very easy and delivered right to my door, what more could you ask for?

Bonanzle Booth Lissie's Loot at something for everyone!
Img_0016_thumb200 Garden Plaques/Set 0f 3/Celestial $8.00 This set is just to wild!
Img_0031_thumb200 Mortar&Pestle/Hand-Crafted/Estate $8.00 This is just wonderful hand carved! With a price of only $8.00 it isn't going to last long!
Img_0032_thumb200 Wood Candlesticks/Colonial/Vintage $6.00 This is a great deal! This Bonanzle Booth owner takes Money Orders, Cash and PayPal. Shipping is based on total weight to save you money! Make sure to check out this great Bonanzle Booth!

Bonanzle Booth Starlights Wands at has handmade wands. If you have special requests she will do those too!
Img_0186_thumb200 Walnut Goddess Wand $30.00
Img_0168_thumb200 Horned God Wand $40.00
Img_0405_thumb200 Owl Wand $25.00
Make sure to stop at Starlight's Bonanzle Booth and say hey! She takes PayPal !

Bonanzle Booth R Lil Gems' at has some gorgeous jewelry and well priced!
Img_0174_thumb200 Liuli Crystal Glass Necklace - Heart (Dragon and Phoenix) $15.00 A beautiful piece!
Img_0200_thumb200 Liuli Crystal Glass Necklace - Bufferfly $15.00 Way to many choices in this Bonanzle Booth!
Img_0124_thumb200 Sterling Silver Green Jade enwrapped Dragon Earrings $8.00 These are a beautiful pair of earrings and for only $8.00! This Bonanzle Booth owner takes Google Checkout,PayPal and Money Orders also combines shipping! So go wild and have some fun in this Bonanzle Booth!

With a listing count of 402027 and 10549 users you are sure to find what you are looking for and some really nice folks to work with. Remember most Bonanzle Booth owners still take Money Orders some even take personal checks. Some are offering layaway and gift certificates!

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