Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yule at Bonanzle!

With less than 4 week until Yule, Bonanzle is more than ready for it. The Bonanzle Booth owners have set up layaway plans, gift certificates, money orders and just about any form of payment you can think of. Bonanzle is more than ready for Yule, are you?

Bonanzle Booth Katyanne's at has some of the cutest earrings and bracelets that will fit any budget!
Ebay_house0001_thumb200 Real Estate Charm Bracelet $9.00 This is so cute and for only $9! Wow you aren't going to do any better than that!
Ebay_seed0001_thumb200 Christmas Seed Bead Charm Bracelet $5.00 Another cute set and only $5! Just wow!
Ebay_ww0004_thumb200 Fun Pair Lampwork Earrings! $3.00 Where are you going to find a gift for $3? This is a have to stop in Bonanzle Booth!

This next Bonanzle Booth Shoppers Cavern at has some of the most fabulous items! Come check it out with me!
198938728_tp_thumb200 GREEK SPHINX STATUE $45.00 Can you think of anyone who wouldn't want to have their name on this?
197616752_tp_thumb200 PEWTER - ABIGAIL WINE GOBLET (GOLD TRIMMED) $57.00 This is just beautiful!
197625588_tp_thumb200 PEWTER - BIRDS TEA CADDY $153.00 This Bonanzle Booth is worth a real look!

Bonanzle Booth Trixie's Place at
Has some very unique items!
Dsc00617_thumb200 Tahitian Pearl Pendant Sterling Silver $49.00 This is just so different!
Dsc00609_thumb200 CHICOS Chico's Design Bracelets Turquoise Pewter Coral Set $8.00 This is so kewl and for only $8!
Dsc00766_thumb200 Vintage Antiqued Bone Brass Bangle - India $8.00 This is just an awesome bracelet!

Bonanzle is so ready for the Yule shoppers! With a listing count of 380100 and 9974 users, Bonanzle has something for everyone and a bunch of nice folks to chat with! Most Bonanzle Booth owners still take money orders and a few even take personal checks!

Please stop by my Bonanzle Booth Brightest Blessings Wiccans and say hello! Would love to chat with you!

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