Sunday, December 7, 2008

2 Weeks Until Yule, Come Check Out Bonanzle!

Yule is just 2 weeks away and not much time left for shopping and shipping. Bonanzle Booth owners have been running all kinds of specials, coupons and Bonanzas. Bonanzle Bonanzas can be a great place to start when looking for a sale! Some of these Bonanzle Booth owners have up to 50% off! No kidding! I have found some wonderful gifts on Bonanzle!

Felicitations Bonanzle Booth has the most beautiful cards. She is just a wonderful seller!
Fairy_pony_thumb200 Art Note Card Fairy Pony Unicorn Sandra Kuck $2.00 She carries a great variety of art note cards, they are blank inside so not to worry about that special occasion, they will always work. These are wonderful to have on hand.
Moonshadowtee_thumb200Moon Shadow Arabian Horse Tee Shirt XL 48 $20.00 Her tees are of very high quality, heavyweight 100% cotton, prewashed. They are just gorgeous, the pictures do not do them justice.
8x10matbirds_thumb200Die Cut Art Prairie Rose Photo Mat Matte 8" x 10" $10.00 She has a fabulous assortment of photo matts. Felicitations Bonanzle Booth excepts Google Checkout. I was just thrilled with my purchase from her, very quick to ship,excellent quality!

October Moon Bonanzle Booth offers truly unique items! I just love this Bonanzle Booth! She is just a wonderful seller and quick to ship as well as answer your e-mails or chat with you at her booth.
Loveloom_thumb155_crop Loveloom1_thumb155_crop Loveloom2_thumb155_crop Loveloom3_thumb155_crop
Compete Set Love and Money Looms lap loom $25.00 This is the complete kit! This hobby is loved by the young and not so young. They are great to make those special gifts.
Kissfondue1_thumb200 Hershey Kiss Dessert Fondue MIB $10.00 This is a wonderful gift for a family and check out the shape! My kids still love to fondue in the evenings, it makes for some wonderful family memories.
Thyphoonmodel_thumb200 Hawker MK IB Typhoon WWII Aircraft Model Kit $7.00
This on is one of the older ones with the real balsa wood. My boys loved putting these together and hanging them from the ceilings in their room. October Moon excepts Google Checkout,Money Orders,Cash and PayPal.

Magnetic Breeze
Bonanzle Booth has these very kewl magnetic bracelets! These are so pretty make the perfect gift for any female on your gift list.
Pink Cats Eye and Magnetic Hematite Bracelet with Magnetic C $5.85 These bracelets can be worn with a pair of jeans or that special dress!
Magnetic Hematite and Rose Quartz Bracelet with Brown Stones $4.95 You can't find a gift for that price! Just a great little unique gift with a great price!
Roll of 40 Silver Quarters, Good Mix of Dates. Roll B $90.00 These have just been added! These are SILVER QUATERS! What a super gift idea for that special person in your lift that collects coins and check out the price! Magnetic Breeze excepts Google Checkout, Money Order, Cash and PayPal, very quick to ship!

I have done a coupon for 15% off of everything in my Bonanzle Booth Brightest Blessings Wiccans, expires on 12/14/08. The coupon code is BrightestBlessings Stop in and say hello!

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