Monday, December 8, 2008

Bonanzle Has Yule Deals For You

A very chilly day here in Florida is down in the thirties this morning and the sun is shinning. What a better day than to finish up that Yule shopping from the warmth of your home. Bonanzle has so many unique items to chose from. Bonanzle delivers right to your door.

I found a new Bonanzle Booth Cool-Patches. This booth has a huge variety of patches. Patches can make a pair of jeans look great. Add them to a canvas tote and you have a special Yule gift. There is no end to the ideas that you can do with a kewl patch.
1096_1_thumb200 Amy Brown Fairy Fairies Fox Glove BIG Patch CD1488 $7.00 This patch would look great on a jacket! This seller has a flat rate shipping of $1 ! No matter if you buy 1 or 100 items as long as you make your purchase in one payment. Go crazy in this booth! Has several Amy Brown patches for all of her fans!
A5ec_1_thumb200 Winnie The Pooh Eeyore W/ Tail New Movie Patch DS99 $5.00 I am a huge Eeyore fan! "Thanks for noticing." Just love him.
Jacqueline Collen Fairy Moon Goth Punk New Patch CD1377 $5.00 This Bonanzle Booth Cool-Patches has every kind of patch you could ever want! Payments through PayPal, Money Order and Cash.

Bonanzle Booth Starfisher has a little bit of everything! Just a very unique booth. From pottery, jewelry, art, antiques, clothing like I said a little bit of everyting.
Sterling Silver Caduceus Healer's Pentacle Pendant Necklace $22.00 Just a super idea for a Yule gift!
Gallery_thumb155_crop Fabric_back_thumb155_crop Top_view_thumb155_crop Defect_thumb155_crop
Carved Gourd And Leather Purse Handbag Sea Turtle Design $14.00 This is just awesome and for only $14.00! What a teriffic gift! Very unique!
1gallery_thumb155_crop 2cokecan_thumb155_crop 3piano_keys_thumb155_crop 4pics_thumb155_crop
Native American Design Orange Black Pot Bowl Signed LT JEMEZ $20.00 Just a beautiful piece. Starfisher excepts PayPal and Money Orders. Great shipping prices too!

Bonanzle Booth Blue Morning Expression has got some kind of talent! She makes Polymer Clay items and they are just beautiful!
Lb0908e_thumb200 Handcrafted Polymer Clay Floral Round Beads $10.00 Now you have to understand that she does not use any paints or molds on her beads! Like I said some kind of talent in this booth!
Handcrafted Polymer Clay Christmas Holly Stocking Earrings $4.00 These are just to cute and with a price of only $4.00 !

Handcrafted Polymer Clay Frog Post Earrings $4.00 Blue Morning Expression's excepts Google Checkout and Paypal. She also combines shipping so go crazy!

Bonanzle has something for everyone. Come on over and find yourself some great deal and met some really nice folks.

I have also included a 15% off of my Bonanzle Booth Brightest Blessings Wiccans, the coupon code to use is BrightestBlessings .

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