Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy Weekend At Bonanzle And Home

This weekend was a very productive weekend at home and Bonanzle! I was able to get 90% of my listings redone and cleaned up to my liking. Well at least until Sharon at SNL Designs
Bonanzle Booth, gets the templates worked out for me. I know she is working on them this weekend so lets keep our fingers crossed that she succeeds this week in making Bonanzle templates!

At the home front the candy is all but finished. Have a couple of more batches to finish up and should be able to get those done today. That is if I don't wind up with a house full of people again today. My kitchen just isn't big enough to have people huddled around while trying to cook. Not to mention the "wanting to sample" while it is being made. Just can't seem to make to much progress that way.

Things have been very busy at Bonanzle with all of the Secret Santas, Bonanzas going on and all of the new Bonanzle Booths opening everyday! If you are still shopping for the holidays, make sure to check out Bonanzle. Met some really nice folks and find some great deals.

Hope you have time to stop in and chat at Brightest Blessings Wiccans ! Merry Yule!

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