Friday, January 23, 2009

Brightest Blessings Bonanzle Booth

Good Morning! Today is January 23, 2009 and the sun is shinning. It is supposed to get into the 60's today! The cardinals seem t be enjoying the sun this morning and playing with others nicely. The little sparrows have taken over the ground again, with a few doves waddling around. The squirrels are playing in the branches, like kids at the playground.

I have the honor of having my five year old grandson this weekend! He is at that fun age and loves to do anything. Ms Kay is here this weekend taking aura pictures, so I thought I would take him and go to get our pictures done. This of course will be his first and I will start him his own BOS for his pictures and time spent here at my house.

Business has been steady, nothing to complain about. There have been so many neat new sellers coming to Bonanzle. Just love the variety. One of my favorite Bonanzle booths is OctoberMoon's. This lady has the neatest stuff, things to make family memories. The old balsa airplane kits, fondue pot, games and craft books. She is a pleasure to work with, gets my order shipped right out and doesn't jack the shipping up.

Remember there is a new moon on Monday, so make sure that you have your smudge stick on hand to smudge your home and remember to write those abundance checks.

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the weather no matter what it is doing out there, make some family memories! Enjoy one another!

Brightest Blessings!

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