Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brightest Blessings Wiccans Bonanzle Booth

Good Morning! Today is Sunday, January 11, 2009, cool with over cast day. Lots of clouds in the sky this morning. All is quiet this Sunday morning. The squirrels, sparrows, doves and cardinals have all come to eat and are gone.

Have been doing lots of thinking about my business for 2009, maybe to much. Hubby usually doesn't say to much as far as my business goes other than, sounds good, way to go, sure that would be great, well last night he asked me, why are you promoting Bonanzle instead of your business? draw buyers to the site. It's a great community with lots of potential.

His next question was, why don't you just go set up your own site? You are spending hours promoting anyway, why not just promote your own site? I had no answer for him.

The conversation was not over, you know that most of your customers are coming from search engines and the paid advertising that you do on pagan sites, you really need to think about setting up your own site. You found out that there was life after e-bay. So what is the big deal?

This is something that I had thought about doing at the end of this new year, however just not now. No, I don't want to have multiple sites, my items are one of a kind and with the way things happen, I would wind up selling the same Book of Shadows at the same time. This is not good customer service, something that I pride myself with.

Maybe he will leave this subject alone, maybe not. Either way I need to really think about what he has said. I have this feeling that this conversation is not over with or even close to being finished.

What makes it hard to argue the point with him, is that in lots of ways he is very right in his thinking. I do spend hours promoting and do the paid advertising on other sites. I just don't know the answer right now.

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  1. Dede....for now, the answer is a simple one...Promote YOUR business that just happens to have a Bonanzle address! Look at it like you have a store inside a Mall. Lot more traffic than if you had a stand alone place. And that IS what you have...A wonderful Specialty shop at one of the best online "mall" around!
    So go and promote Brightest Blessings ....located at Bonanzle!



It was nice of you to take time out of your busy day to stop by. Blessings to you and your family! (((HUGS)))