Sunday, March 29, 2009

Camo Tote Finished and Seeds Planted

Today is Sunday, March 29, 2009. It has rained a much needed rain here the last two days. My little dogwood tree is starting to get leaves and the big oak tree in the front yard, that two days ago had nothing but pollen, is now full of leaves. Got my sponges and gourds planted Friday, love to grow these. The earth is so fertile this time of year.

Finished up my daughters camo tote. I don't fully understand this trend of camo, however everyone seems to like it, even the females. There is even a pink camo design now.

Close up of Front

Back side

Started cutting the fabric last night for my next project, and I am really looking forward to this one. I have no pattern to make this so it should be fun. Trying to find some fabric with children on it for a tote that I am donating for the St.Judes charity auction, have a little time to find just the right fabrics. That one has to be extra special, it is for some really extra special people.

Sales have been slow this month. However on the up side, a friend of mine told me she had "checked out" my Bonanzle booth and I really need to let her have some items in her store on consignment. So next week I will be taking items there.

If sales are slow, how in the world could I be so far behind on speical orders? I have seven projects that need to get finished up and new ones started. This flu has really kicked me, never had one to do me this bad.

Color for this week are:
Monday - White
Tuesday - Gray
Wednesday - Brown All Fool's Day
Thursday - Green
Friday - White
Saturday - Indigo
Sunday - Orange

Have a wonderful day, get outside, get into the dirt and have some fun!

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