Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Bonanzle Finds!

Today is Tuesday, March, 10, 2009. It is a beautiful day, the sun is shinning and warm! Yes it is finally getting warmer and so welcomed.

I truly love to find others that have handmade items in their Bonanzle booths. I ran across a couple of new ones and really want to share them with you.

This first Bonanzle booth, Catspaw, I just have to share with you. I ordered this design on a pink hoodie and I love it!
New Witchy Woman T-shirt (purple) Vibrant!
This is the next one I am going to order only in lavender. I have to have hoodies.
New Crones Rule! T-shirt Be Proud of your Cronedom!
New BesomBuddy T-shirt Cute!
$13.00 She has designed the most awesome designs. Super to work with, eager to please! She combines shipping and excepts Google Checkout, Moner Orders, PayPal, and Cash. If you see a design that you want on something other than a t-shirt, contact her, she is wonderful!

This next Bonanzle booth, Faeryevenstar, makes some beautiful Circlets, and yes, she makes them.
Circlet/Crown/Head Piece Wicca Renn Faire
$24.00 A terrific price!

Crescent Moon Celtic Circlet/Crown Wiccan Goddess

Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace Amethyst
$22.00 This is a gorgeous necklace and handmade.
She has a wonderful talent and it shows! She excepts PayPal and Money Orders. Her shipping is very reasonable too.

Bonanzle Booth, NothernJewels is new to Bonanzle however has some really nice pieces.

Amaznoite Sterling Silver Wire Wrap - Money Gemstone
$29.00 Just a beautiful piece!

Rhodonite Sterling Pendant - Bye Bye Negative Energy
$28.00 This is a must have!

10k Gold Earrings - Blue Lace Agate - Peaceful Energy $22.00 Very pretty!
She excepts PayPal payment. At this time she only has a few item, however I am thinking she is going to be adding more very soon!

Welcome to Bonanzle Sisters! So glad to have you!

I have also listed two more Ostara kits at Brightest Blessings. My Bonanzle booth has finally gotten the templates finished and am thrilled. Stop on over and take a peek. Brightest Blessings!


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