Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brightest Blessings Progress!

Today is Wednesday, May 6, 2009. The weather has been beautiful! Summer is here! This is a picture of the first bloom this year on my cactus. Has been a very busy week here, but a productive week. My website is all but done and I hope for it to go live today sometime.

I am excited about doing my own site. A lot of work, however I do think it is well worth it. Something that I should have done 9 months ago. Better late than never. LOL It will get easier the more that I work with it and see everything that it has to offer. I do have to that Sharon for all of her help! This whole thing wouldn't have came this far this fast without her! If you are needing web designs and banners be sure to check out her site.

Also finished up two Mid Summer Altar kits and got them listed too. They were fun to do, one is Sun Flowers and the other is daisies. Very summer!

Working on another tote that is going to be for the pink lovers. Also working on a couple of other projects too.

Colors for this week:
Monday Lavender
Tuesday Gray
Wednesday Yellow
Thursday Turquoise
Friday Rose
Saturday Blue Flower Moon tonight
Sunday Amber

My new site Brightest Blessings and of course my Bonanzle Booth, BrightestBlessings. Have an awesome day! Get outside and enjoy the weather and get into the dirt.

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