Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Productive Day For Projects

Today is Thursday, May 21, 2009. We are going on day four of rain here. By the time that it stops, it will be time to mow the yard again. The weather is still cool and breezy.

Yesterday was a productive day. Finished one project, all but finished another and started another. Should be able to finish up those two today. I had found two vintage blue and white
napkins, that were so pretty. So they are going to be a tote, "Something Old and Something New".

Then there is the purple tote that I will finish today. Different shades of purple and daisies too. It is going to be so summer. The other on that is just waiting on a button turned out so nice. The colors are just so hot.

Also spent a few hours with mom. I had purchased some "Goddess Garden Tea" blossom blooming tea balls. Mom loves her tea, however she had never had a blooming tea ball. She was thrilled with it. It was gorgeous ! I love seeing mom excited with "firsts".
Love_goddess_thumb200 Goddess Garden Tea Blossom Blooming Green Tea Balls x2 $5.00

And yes, it really does look like this! You too can purchase these from OshunSpirit1. She has several different varities and so many other awesome things. If you have a chance, take a peek at this Bonanzle booth. Super customer service and wonderful products. You will get lost in her booth. She takes Google Checkout, Money Orders and PayPal for payment. Quick to ship also! A wonderful person!

Have a happy, healthy, productive day!

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