Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Something Pretty's Bonanzle Booth Button Covers

Today is Wednesday, May 27,2009. The sun is shinning and hope it dries out the mud soon. Wow, did we get the rain last week. The critters didn't seem to mind, it didn't bother them a bit. The snakes seemed to have found my yard this time. grrrr

It has been a productive week. I had scanned some fabric and sent it to Miss Bettye at SomethingPretty's Bonanzle booth. This lady is just awesome, so much talent! So very easy to work with. I scan, she sends pictures of product and next thing I know, I have them in my hands. I just love her button covers. She had a little issuse with the sun, so it won't be like this one however, I truly trust her judgement. She has been wonderful to me! If you are needing special button covers, just scan your fabric and she will work you something up to match.

Have been moving furniture around, just felt the need to change things up a bit. So with moving furniture comes deep cleaning and the of course, the carpets need to be cleaned and if you are going to do that, might just as well clean the walls too. You know how it goes. However I am glad that it is almost finished.

Want to work on my BrightestBlessings website sometime this week. Do more for the Google search to pick it up more. Have to have quiet time to do that. Hope everyone has a happy, healthy productive day!
Blessed Be

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