Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Designer Or Copy/Paste Cat?

Today is Thursday, June 4, 2009. It has been a rainy day here today. There have been storms on and off since Tuesday night. It has finally happened, my Miniature Japanese Magnolia tree has booth flowers and leaves both at the same time! Usually it has leaves and no flowers or flowers with no leaves. I am so proud of it!

I didn't get my totes listed yet, however I did get the pictures taken and measurements. That is over half the battle right there. I did get the attributes done in my Bonanzle booth listings today. If it isn't one thing it is another.

Had a friend visit me last night. Dang she was angry! When I found out why she was so angry, I was angry. Someone is now copying her work and selling it as their own. She is very good at what she does and works very hard at it. To have someone come along and copy it and I do mean copy it, and sell it as their own, well all I can say is EVERYTHING comes full circle! And to call yourself a designer? Copy and paste is not a designer, I think that is called plagiarism. When people decide to copy someone else, they should make sure that what they are copying isn't going to show up. By that I mean, we all have things that we add to make our work our own. It usually isn't something that is needed to make it work, it is just our way of knowing it is ours. Like the way an artist signs their art. I have things in each of my items that I know where they are located, no one else would, but I do. I also know that it is something that no one else is going to notice. My friend also has things in her work that isn't needed, however it makes it her work. So to YOU and YOU know who YOU are, you so owe her a heart felt apology. Then you need to make the folks that you sold to know that it isn't your work,your new design or your new layout, that it is stolen.

I will share with you the vintage napkin rag quilt tote that I made. "Something Old and Something New" I really like this one! It is a one of a kind, unless someone finds those vintage napkins to make another one. It is a smaller one and I really like that. When I had little kids I liked the larger totes or when we are going on a trip, but for everyday life I like the smaller ones.
"Something Old, Something New"
The outside is made of the two vintage napkins and the inside is made of new fabric.
Miss Bettye did a gorgeous job on matching the button to the fabric! She is just awesome!

This is the back.
The sides.
The inside has two pockets, large enough for your cell phone or keys or whatever.
I will share the other ones tomorrow with you. It is getting late here and still have a couple of things to finish up. BrightestBlessings!


  1. Hi hon - most sale sites have a place to report this kind of problem - is she on Bonanzle or Etsy?? IT is a constant problem for artists. I'm not sure what kind of work she does - I watermark most of my photos - it might help. So sorry - this always pisses me off too!! Hugs to your friend.
    Loooove the new bag - your bags and quilts are sooooo cute!! Blessings, Sarah

  2. Hi Sarah! I guess what really makes me angry is the nerve to first copy someone else work and then to have the nerve to announce it to the world that is their "new design". Help me to find your selling blog, thought I was following it and now can't seem to find it, would like to have those new tags of yours. No, I don't need them, but I do want them. hehehe


It was nice of you to take time out of your busy day to stop by. Blessings to you and your family! (((HUGS)))