Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Few Set Backs

Today is Tuesday, July 14, 2009. It looks like today will be a nice day. The sun is coming up, a very bright orange color. Yesterday started out that way, then came the storms.

I wanted to get an xml file made for my web site yesterday, that was my top priority. I was in the middle of this chore, when I lost internet connection. OK I thought give it a couple of minutes and it will be back up. After about 30 minutes, I started the modem disconnect and the router disconnect and reconnect, nothing.

I call only to find out that it is on their end, something happened to their hardware due to a storm. A storm? It was a beautiful day. No ideas how long it would be down, they are working on it.

So I thought I would go outside and do somethings I had planned on doing after the xml file. Got all of the plants watered, checked the chemicals in the pool. A friend had given me these really cute sun and moon metal cutouts to hang up. I had them hung and found one that I had missed. So I moved one and decided to hang one above the little sign.

Now this is above my head and I should have gotten a ladder, but it was only one. So this is what happens when you think, it is only one.

Dang it man, that hurt and still hurts this morning. Talk about being handicaped trying to type without your left index finger. That one is a major player. So next time I will make sure to get the ladder.

Went to moms last night it was her 75th birthday! Asked what she had done for her day and she said that she had worked all day. I think this is what keeps her going! Happy Birthday Mom!

Think I will work on cutting squares and clipping finished projects today. Don't know that I trust that finger around the sewing machine, at least not today.

Colors for the week:
Monday Silver
Tuesday Red
Wednesday Topaz
Thursday Green
Friday Rose
Saturday Indigo
Sunday Amber

Have a happy, healthy, productive day! Brightest Blessings!

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