Monday, November 16, 2009

Pagan and Wiccan Cross Stitch Designs

Today is Monday, November 16, 2009. It has been another gorgeous day! I love this weather! Warm with a gentle breeze. The Okra, tomatoes and green peppers are still growing. I think they like this weather too.

While out in blog land this morning, I did this with my coffee, so much better than any morning paper, at stop at Mrs.B's blog. Yes she is having another giveaway. Now I have to tell you that I don't enter all of the giveaways. Only the ones that I really want to win. The reason for this is that I know that everyone likes different things and I want the ones that really want to win to win.

I know that I get so discouraged trying to find Pagan and Wiccan jewelry or fabric. Oh yes, we can always find Halloween items, but not everyday items. Now I use ink to make a lot of my prints on my fabrics, only because they just aren't out there.

Now this wonderful lady Sherry Senicar is making Pagan and Wiccan cross stitch patterns! Kudos to her! The couple that I have seen are just beautiful. Now I don't do cross stitch, have
tried several times only to have this crossed knotted mess. However, I will get a friend that "LOVES" to cross stitch and pay her to do it. This is assuming that I win.

This is the offering at Mrs. B's blog, so get over there and enter. It is just gorgeous.

This is another one that she has on her site called
"Night Chant"

Kudos to you Sherry! I know that you will have much success with your designs!

An update on the move. Heard from hubby and nothing. He looked at one tonight and said again that it was very small. I can't do small, have to have space. Does anyone know if it snows in SC or not? The kids keep asking me and I really don't know. The house that was for sale is pending. So all we can do with that and it seems everything else at this point is wait and see what happens.

I know, it's not the news I wanted to hear either.....

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. I'll take some fresh tomatoes and green peppers, yummy. You can totally keep the okra, although my husband likes it, oh yeah thats right he's from Florida, lol.

    I can cross stitch but I don't like to, you stitch for hours and it looks like nothing until it is finished, ha, I need a much quicker reward system, lol. The cross stich patterns are beautiful!! I hope you win!! Fabrics would be beautiful, what a great idea, you should get hopping on marketing and creating that idea. You would be great at that since you are such a great sewer (is that right)? Can you tell I don't sew!! After you get moved of coarse.

    Yes, it does snow in SC, but I don't know how much they really get but there. I would be happy to send you some from NY, lol. We lived in NC for awhile and it snowed there but it would melt as fast as it came. It was very pretty for at least a couple of hours.

    Sorry you didn't have better news on the house hunt, sigh. Your perfect house is there you just haven't found yet, but you will!!


  2. Yikkesss, didn't mean to write a book, sorry


  3. Thanks so much for the heads up on the cross stitching charts! I love what she is doing!

    And I'm so sorry that events are moving along faster and smoother than you would like, or need.

    And don't give up on that house for sale, yet! There are a lot of things that can change when a sale is just pending. It isn't done until the people are moving in!

    I'm sorry that you are having to live in such a state of limbo. Yes, it can be very stressing, even when we don't realize it. But you do, so you have the advantage to take care of yourself. Take some defined time to do things to help you relax, and/or take your mind off of everything for awhile.

    Sending you some relaxing hugs!

  4. Dede....sending blessing your way...Love the cross stitch panels..I too can cross stitch but choose not to due to hands. It does snow in SC the western part of the sate more then the coastal. But it isnt a constant or always thing. But you never know with the seasons now a days.


  5. Those cross stiches are beautiful. I know we have different beliefs but that is okay. I have great respect for the earth.

    Hope you all find a house soon! One will come and just at the right time. :)

  6. Hey Dede, I found this place a while back called Fabric Shack. Not sure if you've heard of them and I myself have not ordered yet but they seem to have a lot of fabric options and prints, more than regular fabric stores I've seen or been too.
    Hope all goes well! :)

  7. Definately lovely patterns! I don't think it snows much in SC, by the way...

  8. The kids will be thrilled to hear that it does snow in SC, although it might not stay to long. I miss the changing seasons....

    Brenda you make me laugh, when you are on a roll. You are the bestest!

    Caroline I am off to check out the fabric store. Thanks for the link!



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