Monday, November 16, 2009


Today is Monday, November 16, 2009. The weather has been so nice. No rain and not really cold. No heater or air conditioner to run. House has been open and smells so good!

I have to tell you that I was just a tad upset that hubby spent four hours looking at rentals and found nothing on Saturday. However, I was so Blessed to have e-mail Sharon which lives really close to where we will be moving to get information on where to look and where not to look.

So after receiving her e-mail I hit the internet on Sunday. Hubby called and said that he had been looking and had no luck, but had one to look at after work on Monday that sounded really
promising. I found one that was for sale at a really good price and in a good location. I was so thrilled. So he e-mailed them and will call them at his break. I won't know anything of course until his lunch break.

As soon as I know something I will let all of you know. If we buy, it means that we won't be moving over Thanksgiving or at least I don't think that the banks move that fast, but you never know. We just have to wait and see what happens.

I do think it is all of this unknown that is really getting to me. The kids are fixing to need more school books, do I have them sent here or wait until after the move and have them sent there. Do we plan a Thanksgiving dinner or not. sigh.....

Colors for the week:
Monday Silver
Tuesday White
Wednesday Yellow
Thursday Turquoise
Friday Coral
Saturday Blue
Sunday Yellow

Remember today is a New Moon, write those abundance checks and smudge.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. I know you will find something! I hope you get some time to move though - you really don't want to do it all in two weeks, do you? I only have a small basement suite to move, and I'm worried!

  2. I'm hoping you find a great place and everything goes smoothly! I have a feeling it will! :) xoxo Becca

  3. How wonderful you have someone close to the area you are moving to to help with the ins and outs of the area. That is always a plus. Looking is the long and tedeous part, but when you both find that perfect fit it will be so worth it. It will work out, keep smiling and deep breaths!!!


  4. Sending blessings to you...I know you will find what is meant to happen.


  5. Continued well wishes your way concerning your big decision with your home! Maybe use some distress tolerance to handle the "unknown" like self soothing with your 5 senses, helping others, watching or reading good movies or books that take your mind off all this. Have a great day :)


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