Friday, November 13, 2009

Maybe I Have Been Had.....

Today is Friday, November 13, 2009. Yes, it is Friday the 13th. The sun was shining today with a gentle breeze. I don't think it is getting into the forties like the weatherman has been saying it is going to do. Which is a good thing.

I did get laundry done with the help of the beautiful sunshine! And the dreaded balance the checkbook was also done today. With two of us working out of one checkbook, this can become a real challenge. I usually balance on Fridays, which I did do last week. However, with all of the mess last Sunday the break downs, not many of the transactions where in the register. So after about an hour, I did manage to get it done. Then on to my other favorite chore, grocery shopping.

My Jeep is not running or it will but making a noise that I don't like. So I am at my sons mercy. As most of you know, I really don't care to ride with my kids, it just makes me very nervous. Hubby did the drivers education, you couldn't pay me to teach kids how to drive. Not even with chocolate.

So we go to get groceries and he starts his car and it stalls, OK restarts it almost out of the driveway and it stalls again. OK, this can't be happening.... So I inquire as to how much gas this car is holding. Well I put $7 in last night before I went to sisters house. Now I am doing the math in my head and this is leaving maybe half a gallon of gas in this car and we are going to town?

Son go get the gas can that has five gallons more gas in it than your car does and put it in there. When we got to town I had him to drop me off and told him to fill up the tank. I am just in awe of him and his sister. She is the queen of running on empty. I just can't do it, never in my life have I run out of gas. That "E" stands for exercise in my book, not empty.

His daddy told me I had been had. How? Well, he knows that you get groceries on Friday and he knew that he was going to be taking you to the store. So.... I will bet you that his tank is on empty by next Friday as well. He is getting a full tank of gas out of the deal for one trip to town. Oh no dad, he has running to do for me this week. I need more boxes and then the trips to the Post Office.

Well, maybe just maybe he got me this time.......

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings!


  1. Dede LOL this sounds like my hubby he is awful about running on that E mark.

    Prim Blessings

  2. Oh - I am so glad I found your blog. I saw your picture with a comment on Rue's blog, and recognized it from your Etsy shop (which I LOVE) -
    I am very glad to see that most kids are running the same game on us poor unsuspecting parents ;)
    Hubby and I were starting to feel like dopes.

  3. LOL Why is it our kids always think that we aren't smart enough to know what they are up to? Or maybe they think that because we love them, that we will let them get away with it. I don't know how they ever got THAT idea! lol
    I hope that he realizess that after you move, he won't be able to do that anymore!
    I don't know about you, but I'm getting very excited about this adventure, for you! I'm feeling like this a good solution, and that new avenues are going to be opening up for you!

  4. I try and keep my tank half full and try to fill R' up just after it hits just a tad below 1/4. Now I don't drive much so I am ok with this method. In the winter it is best to have a half of tank or somewhere around there since it can get so cold.

  5. Well whether he got your or not doesn't matter because you got to the store.

    Love Renee xoxo

  6. Ewwww, balancing the checkbook, I hate that one. I do mine only once a week to, but that is after my husband hounds me to do so, yuck...

    LOL, sorry can't help myself. Our children aren't they just precious still when their sleeping, hahahahhahaha. So glad to hear it's not just my kid. Renee is right at least you got to the store and it is way better than taking a Taxi.


  7. Ah yes....I remember that I used to lend my car to my Dad when my Mom was out of town. I was always sure not to have too much gas in it - giggle. Nice to know old tricks still work!

  8. Oh the things kids do, as we did with ours. Full circle it comes around. Do good get good...



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