Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Leak?

Today is Tuesday, December 1, 2009. It was cloudy and windy most of the afternoon. The day started out with sunshine and then was hidden with the clouds.

Managed to get three loads of laundry out on the lines this morning and got a few more pictures taken for my Etsy shop. Then the clouds rolled in and that ended the picture taking. Not like that is my favorite thing to do, so it didn't break my heart. LOL

Then it was off to the grocery store. I thought that by Tuesday everyone might be a little tired of shopping after the weekend. Boy was I wrong. From now on I think I will go early in the morning, no more afternoons for me. When we got to the car to load the groceries, I noticed moisture under it. There was no air conditioner running so nothing should be leaking. So I crawled under there to see what it was and it was antifreeze. This is not a good thing. I am hoping that it is just a hose that didn't get tightened up while installing the engine. If tomorrow is a clear day, I will put it up on the trailer and see where it is coming from. Keeping fingers crossed it is just a hose.

Got the rest of the painting done and touched up in my room and started going through all of the boxes of fabric, trying to get things sorted out. Then to get them into plastic tubs for storage. This will make life so much easier. Have so many clothes that I want to use for rag quilts, now just to get them all sorted out.

We are having another Magical Holiday Artist Giveaway! Click on the top picture on my sidebar to go right to it. Go get yourself entered at a chance to win some really wonderful offerings. This giveaway will end soon enough that you should have your winnings before the holidays.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. I do hope you don't have any more problems with the Jeep! Hopefully it's just a loose hose. I really love the color - she's a beauty! I always wanted a Jeep.

  2. Keeping fingers crossed that it is just a minor repair for you! I know what you mean about the people... You would think that if things are really as bad as they keep saying more people would be home and not out shopping. DH and I are always commenting on the amount of people out and about we see.

  3. I always feel better when things get organized! How nice for you to be into all your fabric..now you know what you have and what you can make..or what you may need.
    I was trying to figure out if that is the Green Man up there on your picture today..I am not able to enlarge the photo so I am not sure. I love the Green Man he is so mystical and ancient. Hope your having a great day!

  4. I'm feeling your car trouble pain! I hope it's an easy fix! I was at Michaels yesterday and I went in the morning and there was alot of people. Have a wonderful day and not too much rain I hope.:)

  5. Dede I still don't get how you get so much done. You must be Wonder Woman.


  6. Got my fingers crossed for you to!! How do you get so much done, when your done organizing your room please come do mine, lol. I can't wait to see it finished, it is going to be great.



It was nice of you to take time out of your busy day to stop by. Blessings to you and your family! (((HUGS)))