Wednesday, January 27, 2010

48 Hours

Today is Wednesday, January 27, 2010. It was a pretty day, a little cool, but no rain or wind. It is supposed to be in the thirties again tonight. I was so hoping that he weather man was wrong for the weather this week. I so feel for the folks that are going to get the ice storm. Stay warm and safe.

I did get young son's quilt finished, well it needs to be clipped, but it is finished as far as the sewing and putting it together. I tried to take a picture, but it just wasn't working out. So tomorrow I will try to get it hung on the clothes line and see what happens. You all know how well I take pictures.

Now I can work on the other two projects that I have started just not finished. They shouldn't take me to long now that the quilt is out of the way. And I do mean out of the way. Four hundred fifty squares laid out all over the place is a real mess with no where else to work.

With running the heater and the fire place my skin is sooo dry. Was over at Nan's blog, Old Crows Nest Journal and she had a use for vinegar. When I read it I wasn't to sure about doing this, but let me tell you it really works! I love it and so simple and easy to make! Not to mention you probably have the two ingredients in your home already. I used this mixture this morning and I can really feel the difference! Even my feet are loving this! Thank you Nan!!!

Hubby will be home in 48 hours! So looking forward to him being here! So tomorrow I will clean up the house, what needs to be done and then Friday get his groceries and cook for him before he gets home. I don't want to spend the day and a half that he is going to be here with me in the kitchen. Maybe I will "make" him take me out to dinner on Saturday. Yea, I think that sounds like a real good idea.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. Hi Dede! How are you? I am really glad hubby is coming home, but good to know you certainly keep yourself busy! If i was with you when you where making the quilt i would have snuggled up on the floor and helped you! I am sure it is wonderful! Vingear? It is my personal weapon for everything! I love it! I clean the windows with it, gleaming! I rinse my hair in cyder vingear every Monday night and it really shines! (you only smell vingeary for a wee bit, it goes away!) I smell like fish and chips!I must go check out the link! Hope you are well Dede!! ((Hugs!!))

  2. I read that about vinegar over at Nan's blog.. go figure... Well our rain has started... and the temps are teetering at 32... we will see what the weather holds... hope your hubby gets home safely.... enjoy your weekend with him... I know they are special to you.... blessings

  3. What a lovely photo of the fog. I love the fog! It's very cold here right now. We're expecting a low of 1 degree tonight. My mother recently pointed out to me that it always seems to get colder around the full moon, especially when the skies are clear and we don't have the blanket of clouds keeping the atmosphere warm above us.

    I hope you enjoy getting ready for your husband's return, and that you have a lovely time together this weekend.


  4. So glad that your hubby is returning soon! How nice for you :) And I bet that quilt is really beautiful as well! So glad you are enjoying the vinegar cream. You know I need to put some vinegar on my scalp it gets so dry in wintertime!! Take care now!

  5. Glad your DH is coming back soon! My blog has moved! Please follow me at

  6. Oh I need a dry skin remedy big time...Glad dh will be home real soon...Love ya DeDe...You rock...



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