Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend

Today is Tuesday, January 26, 2010. It was a very pretty day today, although a little windy, which made it a little cooler than it has been. The weather is changing again, getting colder at night in the thirties. This is supposed to be happening most of the week. Let's hope the weather man is wrong about this. I don't care for the colder weather like I use to. It seems to make my body ache.

The weekend was a good one. The grand daughter went to the big market instead of staying the weekend, I couldn't blame her for this. There isn't to much to do here, so if given the chance to go and do something, jump on it.

This is a picture of a Cardinal that hit the window so hard that she left a couple of feathers. Not to mention she scared me to death. She sat there for about 35 minutes and then flew off. Young son said she isn't moving. No son, I don't think I would be moving either if I hit something hard enough to leave flesh. She seemed to be fine after sitting there and regrouping.

Hubby still isn't feeling so hot, but he will be home this weekend. I think he said it will be three weeks after this. At least that's what I am thinking. I feel like I have lost or am losing my mind here the last month or so. I can't seem to remember anything. ugh....

Young son's quilt is almost finished and should be finished tomorrow. Then I have a wall hanging that I am making for me. I did a swap with Sherry she does the most incredible cross stitch in Pagan and Wiccan designs. After I received it, I wanted to do something more than just frame it. It is just gorgeous, pictures just don't do it justice. Also have a tote that I need to get finished. I know, here we go again with all of these unfinished projects. But, they will get finished before I start anything else. At least that is the plan, not to start the two other new lap quilts that I am so wanting to start.

I did get to make a Treasury today, if you have a chance to take a peek, please do and leave a comment.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. you are always the busy woman... you will have to show us the quilt when it is finished... the weather looks to be the real thing... we are preparing for a major ice storm that is suppose to be here tomorrow.... checking the generator... getting gas for it etc.. just in case we lose power... which looks to be a pretty good chance of it... blah...spring where are you

  2. Oh I hate it when birds hit the window! I've taken to hanging things in all my windows now - just in case. Glad she flew off okay though!


It was nice of you to take time out of your busy day to stop by. Blessings to you and your family! (((HUGS)))