Monday, February 15, 2010

Finished Wall Hanging

Today is Monday, February 15, 2010. It was another rainy cloudy day. Supposed to get into the twenties again tonight and the rest of the week. We do have cloud cover tonight, so maybe it won't get as cold as they are saying. Keeping my fingers crossed.

George left at noon today. I don't think this man has had a weekend of not working on a car or truck. This weekend his turn signals were all wonky. Driving down the road and they would start flashing for no reason. He would go to turn them off and with washer blades would start. So he needs to replace the whole assembly. Needless to say that isn't happening here in Lake City. So he is hoping that when he gets back to SC someone will have it in stock. That would make me batshit, truly it would.

His trip back was good, the weather was dry and he seen the sun. I was happy for him. He has made that trip so many times in bad weather. It was time for a good weather trip.

When I knew that he was almost back to SC, I gathered the boys up and took them to get some new jeans and shirts. They won't buy clothes and it so makes me crazy seeing them in jeans with the knees ripped out. They thought I was crazy when I told them to get ready we are going. Now? Yes go get in the car. They don't like to have to try on pants, I don't like to have to exchange them. I won this battle. They both have new clothes.

When we finished up getting their clothes, we went to go see mom. Oh, that woman doesn't stop. See had a t.v. dinner in the microwave, this was her dinner. Why do you not cook real food? It is real food! How are you supposed to cook for one person? I just cooked three weeks for one person. Well, where is it at? Okay mom..... I guess it is time to cook a few batches of soup and some corn bread for her.

I did get this wall hanging finished up tonight. Tomorrow if the sun is out, the pictures will be better and I can get it listed in my Etsy shop. Sure hope that everyone enjoyed their Valentine's day. Even if they spent the time alone enjoying a great book. Who better to love, than you?

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. love your wall hanging... very nice... glad to hear that George had a nice day to drive in.. the sun has been out here also.. so nice to have it with us... makes everything so much better... blessngs dede... enjoy your Tuesday

  2. Love this Dede! Yeh for Halloween! :)

  3. Oh oh oh I love that hanging hon!! You do such beautiful work!!
    I swear what is it with boys..they just blow through clothing like crazy!!! Fox could care less what is on his long as he is comfortable. Comfrotable usually equals sloppy LOL!
    Hope things area well with you hon!!
    Hugs and love, Sarah

  4. That is beautiful DeDe...Alone time to love oneself is always a good thing.


  5. I love it!! wow that is amazing!! great work dear one! Saw it last night when I was at work but stupid computers at work will not let me comment LOL

  6. Pretty wall hanging! Now I'm thinking about Halloween....

    Glad you were able to wrangle the boys into some clothes - I hate clothes shopping with my neices - ugh!

    I can relate to your mom - cooking for one is a bit annoying - but it's doable. I always have a stash of Lean Cuisine's in the freezer just in case though - lol!


It was nice of you to take time out of your busy day to stop by. Blessings to you and your family! (((HUGS)))