Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank You All So Much

Today is Friday, April 23, 2010. It was a gorgeous day yesterday! If it is another day like yesterday, I will get some pictures. Located my camera last night after my brain returned for a brief moment.

I want to thank all of you for the encouragement, it truly made my night last night. With the sites on vacation, there isn't a real pressing need to check my e-mail as often. Last night before we went to bed, I couldn't believe how much love and encouragement I had received. Yesterday was a pretty good day and now I know why. It would have been really hard to have had a bad day with all of the good thoughts that where sent my way. I truly thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart!

After the sun came up I went and did a couple of loads of laundry, made my six loaves of bread, put a roast in the crock pot, moved the picnic table redid the outside to make it work for us, graded the kids school work, and cleaned up the dishes before supper. There was no time to sit and have a pity party. It was a productive day thanks to all of you!

Dacholiday Sharon, I sent you an e-mail last night. I didn't shut off Comcast so we will continue to receive our e-mail. Thanks for the heads up on the RV Park.

mxtodis123 Mary, I never thought about moving or having to change so much so fast. If nothing else, I have learned how truly blessed I am and so very much about myself.

Sherry aka AutumnTurtle Sherry, Doc has never been chained up, I so feel for him. Being human I know what is going on, he on the other hand isn't sure, only knows that this is not his yard and all of this noise makes him batty. I think I am getting some routine to this living or at least knowing a little more than I did a couple of days ago. Love and hugs to you my friend.

Suzie Oh Suzie, after reading your post, I have NOTHING to complain about! I did bring my sewing machine and fabric, working on how or better yet where to set it up. Doc goes on "walks" every couple of hours, and he is not liking someone taking him to do his business. LOL You are so right about having the constant here. No matter what, I will always have my friends here and I thank you for that.

Brenda LaBell Brenda, you a quite a woman to spend four months in an RV! You are so right about the cleaning, doesn't take thirty minutes to run the vacuum, sweep and mop and wipe everything down. Like I told George, the next time we think we need more space or the boys start complaining about something, I am going to tell them load up the RV we are going on a road trip. Doc was funny yesterday when George got home, he talked to him like a child telling on me. And of course George had to say things like I know Doc she is so mean to you, chaining you up like that. Thinking about that wool thing, I could to that outside in a washtub. Just not sure what to do with it from there other than to send it to you. More slippers oh yeah! You are right about getting settled in and a routine.

Halloween Spirit Cindy, thank you so much for honoring me with this award, it means the world to me coming from you! I will post about it tomorrow. Change is not one of my stronger points either.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. HI Dede! I left you a note on yesterday's post. It's always hard to move, no matter where, in what, or for how long. It is hard. Doc will adjust in a few days, the kids will love it all, and you will get some gray hairs. ;) Hang in there!! xox Pam

  2. You're going to be fine. Hey, I'm planning a move. Maybe not this week, or next week, or even next year, but I plan on leaving the city for the country life when I retire. Talk about culture shock.

  3. See Dede? You are already getting into a routine. Sometimes it just takes realizing what has to be done, and putting it into motion.

    Right now, you feel at loose ends because you don't have all of the demands on your time that keeping a full, whole house does, but before long, you'll be busy doing thing there, that your days will once again be full.

    So take advantage of this lull girl! It is your time to have the time to do things that you want to do. You've earned it! You deserve it!

    It's too bad that you had to leave Lady behind. That could be part of Doc's problem too. Dogs are pack animals and they get attached to one another, not understanding that this is temporary. Too bad that they can't chat on the phone! lol Have you found out how she is doing? I hope that she adjusts well.

    I left you a comment within one that I left Brenda on her blog. It might give you a chuckle. .and if it inspires you, tell your hubby that it was my idea. .I live far enough away, I won't be able to hear his comments! lol

    Tomorrow is the weekend. Does George have to work on Saturdays? Maybe you two could go exploring. You HAVE to know where the nearest craft and fabric stores are located! No matter where you live, there are priorities, you know!

    Sending more hugs & love!

  4. Sounds like your settling in nicely, which will help you relax, remember your on vacation!! I know you don't like idle time.

    LOL Dede, I wish I spent 4 months in an RV, I was stuffed into 29 foot self contained camper, the hair just stood straight up on my neck just thinking about it. They are great for weekend camping trips or even an occasional week but after four months I was so ready to go home!! I just love to listen to dogs when they talk, they are always so serious and you know they are ratting you out just like you said, lol.

    How do the boys like living in an RV?

    Have a great weekend Dede!!


It was nice of you to take time out of your busy day to stop by. Blessings to you and your family! (((HUGS)))