Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day Two

Today is Thursday, April 22, 2010. It was a pretty day here yesterday, although still need jacket most of the day. The temperatures at home are in the eighties this week. Here I sit wearing a jacket.

Yesterday taught me a lot about myself. I am truly a creature of habit, I like my neighbors at least 1/2 acre away, I do not like having to sit and be quiet from 3:30 to 6:30 in the morning waiting for the sun to rise, no more than I like Doc on a chain or telling him no, sit and stay. At the top of the list I do not like small spaces.

Poor Doc looks at me like what did I do to be on this chain, there is no pink on his nose, no wag in his tail. He has never been on a chain except for vet visits and those are not often. He has always had his yard to run and protect and now he is chained.

Watching George getting ready for work in the morning is funny, but I wouldn't want it to be me. The whole putting the pants on is a chore. LOL At least he is a guy and doesn't have to worry about hair and trying to put on make-up. Then there is the brushing of teeth, this morning he caught his elbow on the wall. Ouch....

Then of course you have that one guy that knows everything about everyone. We had the pleasure of meeting him last night while having supper. We are sitting at the picnic table having supper and here he comes. He introduced himself and then gave us the run down on everyone that had been here over two weeks. George looked at me and I looked at him in disbelief. There are still people like that in this world. This just blew me away in an RV park. We have one neighbor that is like that at home, but she likes to suck them beers down, so no one believes her stories to much. Of course he doesn't work, he stays in the RV all day while his wife works. I think this guy needs a real day time job. He had to get going, wanted to see what his wife was cooking for dinner. He doesn't want me to meet her, wouldn't be good for him. If he is staying at home all day, he should have already had dinner cooked when she walked through the door. Shame on him.

The sun is up and it looks like it is going to be another pretty day, still have the jacket on, won't come off probably until this afternoon. I do know that this is going to get some real getting use to, but I really wish things would start happening at home again real soon. I think I will do a load of laundry today, I can sit and watch a dryer go round. LOL There are no clothes lines h"allowed" here. Something to be said about owning your own home.

There is supposed to be a seed company here somewhere close by, going to make it my business to find it this weekend. I will start a garden in the back of George's truck. Now that is a thought.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. Dede,
    Where are you staying?
    Can you access your email from there?

  2. How pretty! I love that white fence. I can sympathize with what your are going through. When we moved from my last apartment, I had a hard time adjusting and we were only one neighborhood away...but it was oh, so different.
    In time, you will be fine.

  3. oh honey HUGS Doc will get use to it, and I am sure you all will too. I don't know if I could live that kind of life, but then without a husband I have that luxury. I am thinking good thoughts for you all
    Much love and Hugs

  4. Poor Dede. .did you bring some craftwork with you? Maybe doing something relaxing and familiar will help buffer all of the changes. And once you start getting out and about, you'll find new discoveries that you would have missed, had you stayed home.

    Maybe you should take Doc for a walk. He may like being with you each morning, just the two of you, welcoming the day while it is still clean and pure. It could become a welcome morning ritual that you wouldn't have time for at home.

    Don't you have another dog? Did you bring him/her with you too?

    I know that it is hard, having your life divided, no matter how you arrange things. Hopefully, things will get better back home, so that you can be complete again, and your inner peace will reign once again. In the meantime, we are still here. .another constant for you, with open arms ready to give hugs, and willing shoulders to lean on.

    Here's a huge hug right now, winging its way to you!!

  5. Oh dear Dede. A few years ago we stayed in a camper for about 4 months (about my max for being confined like that) so I can relate to the small spaces and what in the world do I do with myself, lol. My husband was working and I stayed "home". Okey dokey, after the weekend I decided to clean house, lol, 10 minutes later I'm sitting there going ummmm okay now what do I do, obviously a camper doesn't take long to clean, hahhahaha. Thank goodness for my crocheting and me and a friend who was also staying in the park well we made new curtains for the camper. So yes, you will definetly need to continue your creating or you are going to go stir crazy my dear. This would be a great time to try processing a small batch of wool. Start with like a pound or a little more. I can see it now after three months you'll be going home with an RV full of processed wool, giggle, giggle. Nice weather is a blessing, rainy days will totally drive you bonkers in an RV / camper. Keep smiling, it's an adventure and the memories will really be fun and wonderful! I wouldn't change a thing about the 4 months we lived in ours and we really had so much fun and such great memories!!

    Poor Doc, that is a tough one Dede.

    Hopefully after everyone settles in it will get better. Enjoy!!!


  6. Try and enjoy yourself. I know how you feel. I do not handle change well at all. Check out my blog for an award.

  7. Dede I found you a new place to stay.
    Very nice area, and close enough for you guys to not be left out in the cold.

    And I can tell George the shortcut to work. And did I say it's a very nice neighborhood.
    Dale used to know the owner or the place.

  8. Hi Dede! I missed this post - the new neighbor sounds like a pearl - LOL!!! Oh, my. Well, every neighborhood has one. Did you bring some crafting supplies? Do you need Blog World to mail you some? :) Might be a good time to take up making plushies. I find it a very comforting and happy thing to do. Hang tough! Better days ahead!!! xox Pam


It was nice of you to take time out of your busy day to stop by. Blessings to you and your family! (((HUGS)))