Monday, April 26, 2010

A Wet Weekend

Today is Monday, April 26, 2010. Saturday rained all day, but Sunday cleared up to be nice. Things were wet for most of the day, seemed to dry out towards late afternoon.

On Sunday we went to Caesars Head Mountain, we weren't able to see to much for the rain and clouds. Not a picture taking day here. Then we went to lunch and then to get groceries. We left the RV about ten that morning and didn't get back until after six. It was a long day to be pinned up in the car.

Sunday night George and I keep hearing this noise that we had never heard before. After about 20 minutes George says I have to find out what that noise is. So off outside he goes. The awning was holding water. Just like the pool cover, if that rain finds a pocket to fill, it will. So he decided to roll the awning up. "We have to remember to put that up when it rains."

Gosh I pity the folks that have to use a laundry mat. Talk about wasted time, at home throw a load in the washer thirty minutes later , hang it on the line and go about your business. Not so with the dryer, you had better be right there when that baby stops or you will be doing loads of ironing. Not to mention the funny smell your clothes have from the dryer. Granny use to tell me that if it is something that you really like , you don't put it into the dryer.

It's Monday, so I had better get the boys up and moving, to get their school done.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. Ah, you sent the wet weather in our direction. You know, I gave up using the laundry mat years ago. It was costing me about $15 to $20 a week. (It's expensive here in the city). Hubby and I don't get so I rinse everything out by hand now and hang on the line. They smell so fresh and our clothes last forever.

  2. yes we received some of that moisture ourselves.... although it did prevent me from having to have to water as much.... Hope you are having a great time... wondered about you when they talked about all that bad weather.. Hope all is fine...

  3. Hey Dede we have been getting a lot of rain lately. But that is fine with me I like the rain. Dede you have been on mind the past few days. You stay safe talk soon!!


  4. Raining here too since yesturday, suppose to rain through Wednesday and it's making me lazy already!! You had to mention laundry didn't you, I'm feeling guilty, I'm off to do mine, lol.

    Have a great week Dede!!

  5. Oh ackkk hon..sorry it was wet!! Sounds like an adventure for sure.
    I am hanging my head..don't know where the heck I was last Wednesday..but...missed your birthday...not sure how..but I am so sorry here is a belated HAAAAAPPPPPPPYYY BIIIIRRRTHDAAAAAAY TO YOU!! Great big birthday hugs hon! Love, Sarah

  6. Dede, your awning reminded me of how my Hubs and I got caught in a surprise snow storm, while camping, and had to keep going out to shake the heavy wet snow off of the tent to keep it from collapsing on us. We couldn't leave because it was snowing too hard, and the narrow road tracked through a marsh/swamp area. We were able to get out safely in the morning, but it was a long night. lol

    And you are so right about laudromats being expensive, and hard on clothes. I was just telling Hubs over the weekend, of how I love the fragrance of clothing that has dried in the breeze, and sheets bleached by the sun. Makes for good sleeping!


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