Monday, November 8, 2010

Sickening Behavior

Today is Monday, November 8, 2010. We have had three nights of freeze warnings, this makes for a very cold morning! We were supposed to have two more nights of freeze warnings but this morning it looks like that is over for at least the next couple of weeks. The day time temperatures are supposed to be back in the 80's and the nights in the 50's.

Went grocery shopping early yesterday morning, picked up a small ceramic heater for mama. I knew that she hadn't bought one yet. After leaving the store went over to mama's to wake her up and have coffee. To my surprise she was up! Hadn't been up long, but she was up. And no, she hadn't bought a heater.

I am so angry and shocked at my sister! Mama was telling me that she had talked to my brother the night before. He told her that my sister told him she wants dad's house. What is this nut thinking?!? He has a wife and that is her house, her home. My brother told mama that the house was in dad's name only and so there for she thinks that she should have it. She then told him that she would come up and "help" go through dad's things. My brother was so upset he just ended the phone call with her.

I was so upset at the thought of her even thinking such trash! She has really shown her true colors. This made me so upset that when I came home, I went on line and made a will, got two witness to sign, I signed and it is good to go. It did wake George up to talking about death. He doesn't like to talk about it, never has. Death is part of life, it needs to be talked about.

Our home is in my name, George's name isn't on it. In order to get his name on the house we would have to refinance it according to the mortgage company. I never gave it any more thought until yesterday. The thought of someone thinking that they should have our home, well it really ticked me off. This is our home and has been for a very long time. All of the grandkids know no other home for us.

I have never seen this side of my sister, like a vulture. George says he has seen it in other families, people swoop in. I guess I have been very blessed that I have never seen this kind of behavior before, just sickening. It is hard enough to loose your husband, but to have to worry about someone thinking that they should have your home too?

Right now at this time, I know better than to go see her. There is way to much anger and frustration. In a few days, I will figure out how to handle her and her sick ways. Now is not the time.

This has been very hard on my brother, he and dad fought all of the time, but that's the way they always were with each other. They are so much alike, even look alike. So I am going to gather up pictures of my dad print them on the cotton fabric and make a quilt for my brother. Shouldn't take to long to make.

If you don't have a will, I encourage you to go on line and make one. I know that money is very tight, but for peace of mind it is a twenty dollars very well spent.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. It is so sad that death doesn't always bring out the best in families. You'd think it would, but I have had many friends go through similar craziness. I'm with you, we have a will and everything is spelled out very clearly. I'm sorry you're going through this - big hugs to you! xoxo Pam

  2. It's sad that this happens in families when a loved one dies. Instead of pulling together, the vultures come out. When my mother in law died, hubby's sisters couldn't wait to get to the house to take things. Why, they even took new sheets still in a package that my hubby had just bought for his mom.

  3. I so agree with you.. I likewise have seen such things really tear at families... greed is a nasty thing... good advice... will keep you in my prayers... blessings

  4. Dede I'm going to have to deal with this soon myself. My Dad is in his last days and I'm wondering who is going to sweep in like that. No one has even helped my Dad except for me and Ron, if they even try something like that they are going to see a different side of me.
    We need to make a will also. Where did you go online to make one? Ron and I really need to do that.
    I hope it works out for your family. It's sad when someone's selfishness disrupts the peace. Blessing to your Mama! She's lucky to have you.

  5. Dede When my brother past my sisters acted the same way. They wanted his house and everything else he had. Which wasn't much! I myself don't believe you should fight over such things. I feel for your Mom my prayers go out to her. This shouldn't happen that is her house and know else's.
    Dede I'm with Sherry like to know the link you did your will on. We don't have one either and your right we should all have one.

  6. The link for the will that I used is at:

    The cost is $19.95 they send it to you and you print and follow the instructions that they send you for your state, read before you sign. Florida has to have two witness when you sign it, it doesn't have to be notarized in the state of Florida.

    Also it is better for you to do one and your husband to do one. One dies before the other, the will doesn't carry out until the other one dies. That I didn't know. My concern was our home. Great big hugs to those of you that make your will before something happens and it is to late. Make your voice known so that there is never any question.


  7. We've had a will forever, and it has changed, as situations change. We also have Living Wills, what we want done, in case of our being incapacitated, etc. Both are wise.

    I'm not totally sure what happened with your sister... What house is this? Your mother/father's house? Where your mother lives, in widowhood? You have 1 brother and 1 sister and the sister wants the house, your mother is living in? If so, yikes!

    Yes, have everything in writing and in a safe place. -sigh-

  8. it is sad. we went through this when my mama died. vultures came out of the woodwork and upset me and my dad so much, we have no contact with any family, except one or two, so really split our family up. regret is a horrible thing, but not worth losing everyone for. I know that makes no sense..but it still doesnt to me either :)

  9. Good Goddess! It makes me crazy how people act, however I believe that at somepoint things happen for a reason and people in the end get what they should have Good or Bad

    Blessings dear friend

  10. Oh sweet DeDe Ive seen this alot in my mom and dads family. When my grandma died when I was 13 my dads sisters went to my grandfathers house and wanted all my memas stuff. My dad stood up and told them off. It happens a lot Ive seen many times after that over the years. I was actually gonna sit down and do mine this weekend. With grandson now...Sorry been MIA trying to catch up now oi vey trying not to lose my self again.


  11. I'm so sorry Dede! Your not alone here I've seen this in my family and it's heartbreaking! I hope things work out the way the should. xo

  12. Oh my hon...I have been throught this..I was shocked and really bent about what was taken. Folks showing up before the funeral to go to my fathers home and pack up their car. I was hurt and angry! What are these folks thinking? So sorry this is going on hon!! Breathe and sending hugs!!
    Love, Sarah

  13. So sorry to hear about this Dede. Hopefully your sister will come around, and you will be able to speak to her again. Some people just don't get it until it is pointed out to them.

    Hang in there - and stay warm! Freeze warnings? Brr!


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