Monday, February 21, 2011

Eight Hours Later and We Are Home

Today is Monday, February 21, 2011. The weather started out a little cool in the morning, but warmed up towards the afternoon. Not that I was able to be out in it other than to come and go. I was suppose to be cloudy, however the sun came out and warmed us and to continue to dry out the earth.

Today was a very long trying day at the hospital arrived there at 6:25 left the parking garage at 3:45. I was one very hungry, tired, score panda. No nap, no food, not near enough water and with a trach water is critical, so needless to say I couldn't wait to get home to eat and find a spot to curl up and nap.

Arrived at 6:25 for a 7:00 MRI. I have a very hard time lying flat on my back now, it makes me cough uncontrollable. So needless to say it took an hour and a half to do this. The guys doing it were very nice, they didn't push or make it to be a huge problem that I was causing. We did finally get the pictures that they wanted to get.

Next to the Doctor at 9:45 we waited about 30 minutes before we seen him, which was kind of nice after the mess my poor body had just went through. When we were called back there were two doctors, one to remove stuff and the other that repairs or reconstructs. The one that removes said he was going to take all of the nodes, the one on the right side has cancer and is rather large compared to the left one. He is also going to take my voice box. I will have a feeding tube placed where the new "voice box" will go. ICU will be my home for the first three to four days after surgery.

The doctor said that I will be in the hospital at least two weeks, due to making sure that things are working like they should and there is no signs of infection. When they remove the feeding tube, after they do a swallow test to make sure that I can now swallow again, where the feeding tube was, they will place the " my new voice box". I will be able to use a hand held machine right away to talk, my goal is to talk like I do now.

Then we went to the presurgical place to have blood drawn, EKG base line done and talk with an anesthesiologist. We we suppose to have an appoint with him at 11:00 and finally seen him at almost 2:00. Which made us late for the last doctor of the day at 1:15.

The last doctor is the one that does the "harvest" of parts to use. My thighs are to thick, which I am soooo thankful for. When I first heard that they were going to use from my thighs or arms, all I could think about is how painful that is going to be with clothes and trying to sit and lay. So then he tested my left arm and because I had broken in when I was very young in life it wouldn't work, the blood flowed tot he upper hand only. This means that I could possible loose my hand if he decided to harvest it. There would be no blood flow. So he didn't want to move to my right hand, but he did and there is blood flow to both the top and bottom. So the right hand/arm it is. So the picture shows what he did with a sharpie, no one is to use this are not anything!

George and I couldn't wait to get home. We were both hungry and tired from the day. This morning I am score and still tired. Got George out the door, lunch and thermos in hand and curled back up on the couch to nap. When I changed out my trach this morning it was very sore. I figure it had to do with all of the talking and poking at things yesterday. So today I will just throw a roast in the crock pot and call it good for dinner, chill and do only the things I feel I want to do. Which isn't going to be much.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. Dear One, you are going through so much. Many gentle hugs to you. And of course, rest all you can. It's a must.


  2. Brightest Blessings, I think I remember sometime ago on Bonanzle when you were going through testing to figure out what was going on with you....and this must have been the out come?

    I am so sorry for your suffering and hope you are able to take this head on and come out triumphant.

    Hugs, Sonja

  3. Oh, my dear friend, if only I were there to give you a hug. Know that you are in my heart and my prayers. Thinking of you always.

  4. You are so brave Dede! I'm sending you a big hug too! My heart is with you friend & it's wonderful to see you! xoxo Becca

  5. Oh my dear friend Dede, I have been away from here for so long and I finally come back....oh Dede, I am so shocked for you. I am so sorry to hear of your news and what you have been through. I am with you all the way Dede, we all are, I am so sorry I had not come back sooner, thinking of you honey and it is lovely to see your face!xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. You've been in my thoughts a lot of late. Though the road ahead may be rough, know that you have many friends who will be on the journey with you, if only in spirit. {{HUGS!}}

  7. My dearest friend I can't tell you how happy I am that you are doing so well! HUGE HUGS!!!

  8. Hi Dede! So good to see your pretty face. :) Look at you, you are so brave and spunky!!! That is going to serve you well, my friend. We are all here, cheering you on. One day at a time. Today, rest and take care of YOU. love & hugs - Pam

  9. Good morning hon..OMG they really put you through it hon..geesh!! I love the pic of you..wonderful to see your beautiful face!!
    Glad to hear you are feeling spunky..I agree with Pam!! That is one serious note on your arm!! I guess he means business!!
    Sending you hugs and love and lots of Reiki hon..hang in there!! Am here if ya need me:)
    Hugs and love, Sarah

  10. OMG! Be Well!
    and this is what "they" mean...the world as we know it will change.
    You, just take care and heal thy self. Make sure your team around you is on board too!

    Lots of hugs and white light.

  11. Dede, only you can make a trach tube look stylish! I'm only surprised that you didn't talk them into making a sparkling pink one, to go with your spiffy sandals! Now everyone is going to want to wear one, even if it is fake.

    I'm sorry that you had such a long and tiring day, but that is behind you, and before you know it, you will be coming out of the other end of this tunnel. Try and keep your naturally spunky attitude, and know that all of your family and extended family (us!) are all cheering you on.

    Remember, this is YOUR time to not only pamper yourself, but let others pamper you too, even if they need to be reminded once in a while. You are ALWAYS there for everyone else. .well, this time, my dear, you get to be on the receiving end.

    Lots of hugs, love & healing energies!! (the candle is burning, and will continue to burn!)

  12. Dear Dede,
    You are so brave! I can't tell you how much I admire your courage! I have been keeping Ron updated on your progress and he wanted me to tell you he is really praying for you. We'll keep a candle burning for you too! You are such a special person and have touched all the members of our group so much! Know you are in our thoughts!
    Many blessings,

  13. PS Dede stop by my blog when you have time. Ron and I left you an award. :)

  14. DeDe, I want to send you this message to let you know you are in my prayers. You sound like you are really going through some tough stuff.
    You have to e a strong person to endure all that's ahead of you. I think of you often and wish you only the best.
    Friend always,

  15. It is good to see you Dede! I am glad you are home and can start the road to healing and put this behind you!
    Hugs and prayers to you,

  16. I have to tell you it was quite a shock to me to read this post..I know its been some time since I visited you last,but I guess being in the same circle on ETSY I always see what you are up to and cant help but smile everytime I see you add an item to your favorites..Anyway,I was so sorry to hear all of this that you have been going through.I read some previous posts to catch up and even though the news chilled me to my bone,your beautiful spirit and strength shined so brightly through all of this and I am so moved by your positive light.I am so happy you have George and your beautiful family and of course sweet Momma.
    I'm praying for you sweet Dede and sending you big big hugs my friend.Cat

  17. Sending you much love and healing energy. I know you will come through this with the strength and humour you always exhibit! So great to see your lovely face too!

    Take good care of yourself and update us when you can.

  18. I just love to you pieces Dede! Keep up the great attitude!

  19. Hi there gorgeous. It is so nice to see your face!
    I am still sending white light and healing thoughts everyday!

    Love and hugs Dearone,

  20. Oh my goodness, Dede...I have been away FAR TOO LONG!! I can't believe this is happening to you and you are going through this. Hang in there..I will light a healing candle and send positive thoughts your way! Lots of love and healing blessings...xoxo


It was nice of you to take time out of your busy day to stop by. Blessings to you and your family! (((HUGS)))