Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Quilt Finished and Sexy Shoes and Flowers Too

Today is Wednesday, February 15, 2011. The weather has still been cooler with rain. Makes one want to just curl up on the couch with a good book or the remote and a big bowl of popcorn. I just keep reminding myself that summer will be here before we know it and we will all be complaining about just how hot it is!

I did get Leanna's quilt finished! Now to get her brothers done. It is all cut out and ready to put together. I figure by the end of the week it will be done. The to work on the one for George's mom. It is going to be done in larger eight or ten inch squares that the kids and grand kids have colored with fabric markers. It should turn out really cute done in primary colors. She will love it having been a school teacher for 20 plus years.

The last couple of days have been tiring and a little uncomfortable. It seems to swell either very early in the morning or later afternoon. When it does it makes me just slap crazy, there is no reason for it to just all of a sudden swell up and a few hours later, reduce in size. I have tried eating cottage cheese and things that are very cold thinking it would help, not yet.

We are going to do a Mexican dinner this Sunday at the house. Since there are doctors appointments on Monday and surgery on Friday, hospital stay about 2 weeks, then radiation treatment, this will be the last chance for a while to all get together. I told them we would make it an early dinner, my energy level seems to peter out around three or four, but then I have been getting up between three and five.

Son # 4 came to see me early yesterday with a very pretty red rose with little purple flowers. I was thrilled to see him and was tickled to see that he even bought his little girl a rose and a little box of chocolates. This is the first year that I have not bought all of the kids a little heart shaped box of chocolates. I am kind of grounded, the truck has had issues again so George has been using the Jeep and the fact that I am just not comfortable with driving by myself just yet.
Found these sexy hot pink sandals in the weekend flyer. I usually buy one pair of sandals for the summer and am good, have sneakers for the rain and cold and sandals for the rest of the summer. So I pointed George in the right direction for Valentine's day. I am so thrilled with them, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color! They are also very comfortable which is a reason in itself to buy them. They will go with jeans, shorts, and my skirts. Love it!

Well it is now after ten and I haven't gotten one thing done yet. So I think I will go out and spend some time in blog land and see what every one else has been up to. I hope everyone have a super Valentine's day!

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. *Brightest Blessings*


  1. Dear One, it's so good to see a new entry on your blog. Happy for the good news. Sad about the not-so-good. Wishing you well, with the coming happenings... Doc appointments, surgery, hospital stay and radiation.

    And don't tire yourself all out, with the Mexican Dinner this Sunday. Betcha' some would be happy to bring some items. Just tell them. :-)

    Lots and lots of gentle hugs...

  2. Hi Dede! You have cute feet! lol! I love that your nail polish matches your sandals. Take care of yourself, and don't overdo it. You're in my thoughts, sweetie! xox Pam

  3. Glad to see this post. I've been so worried about you, my friend. Please, don't overdo yourself. Prayers and healing thoughts coming your way.

  4. Hi Dede your toes look good! I'm thinking of you and sending you love! I was happy to see you back on line today :) xo Becca

  5. Sexy! I'm glad you can do pink, I definitely can't...it makes me feel like, I look like a clown! Don't know why! I think, we're all thinking of you...you're in our thoughts, and I've been sending ya all I got! Lots of healing white light..

  6. Hi hon...sorry I am late..I missed your post..sent and email..missed the post..geesh! I am looooving the toenails!! BEAUUUTIFUL!
    I am here hon..if you need anything at all..just call or email..I will be here hon! Sending Reiki, love and light to you hon! Hugs and love, Sarah

  7. Thank you hon....I loved the twisted thing LOL! I did two custom orders..one was a teapot cozy...and the other a stocking cap..ya know the long ones. I had not done either before..so there was a learning curve LOL! But I liked the way they turned out..so was fun!
    How are ya feeling? Hugs, Sarah

  8. Hope your dinner goes well - take it easy and let everyone else do the work. Love the toes and the flip-flops! We'll all be thinking of you this week.

    Too bad you can't get George all figured out with this blog thing, and he could post an update - but I know you'll do fine, and we'll look forward to hearing from you when you come home.

    Lots of good wishes for healing and a speedy recovery. Hugs to you!

  9. Dede! I LOVE those sexy sandals, and you have toes to match! Now HOW cool is THAT? We are getting more freezing rain and snow, so seeing your summery tootsies has brightened by day as well!

    Your quilting is gorgeous as always. I admire the time and patience that it takes to quilt. To do it well, as you do, is a true art form.

    Know that I continue to send tons of positive healing energies your way, my friend, and if I were there, be doing whatever I could to help you out, including cooking you that French stew whenever you were ready to eat it!

    HUGE Hugs!!


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