Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WOW Did We Get The Storms

Today is Wednesday, April 6, 2011. WOW did we get the storms yesterday! We were under tornado watch from 2:30 in the morning until 10. The thunderstorms rolled in at ten minutes til 6 and talk about a light show. The ground was just vibrating, which brought young son and Doc up and out of his room. They decided to come out to the living room where I was and go back to sleep on the love seat. Those two are something else, son #5 never moved, not sure that he even heard the thunder or felt it for that matter. By afternoon the sun was out and so was the pollen again, it looked like it was snowing. Needless to say, I stayed in the house.

George got the phone call yesterday that I will have my skin graft on my birthday. Gee thanks doc! This surgery I think is going to be the one that really hurts like you know what. I just can't imagine having road rash on my thigh. I am thrilled to be getting this done so that within a month I will be able to have my hand/arm back into commission again, I really do miss her. LOL I did learn that if I take off the splint protector thing that I can type, so that is what I have been doing. It is hard to hold a pen yet, but I will keep working at it.

My neck is so tight and stiff, my head wants to lean to the left and not straight up like it should. I know that I have to work on holding it straight, but dang it, talk about a rubber band feeling. I pull it up and as soon as I quit thinking about it, down it goes to the left again and the shoulder comes up to meet it. There were nerves that were cut and others that were not but still are not the way they were prior to surgery. My right shoulder looks like it is out of joint, but it is the nerve that I guess holds or supports it, so I have to work at getting my right arm up and over my head. I never put much thought into what condition my arms, shoulders and neck would be in after this surgery.

Some things just don't change, I now have stoma covers started, and three quilts. I really miss my sewing. Changed that blade in my rotary cutter, wow what a difference that made. I can cut fabric now. Not so much pressure needed to cut through the layers. I have only cut myself three times. All from not closing it when I lay it down and bump up against it while moving the fabric around. The fabric in the picture is going to be used on my grand daughters quilt along with other retro prints, she loves them. That's my girl! Also started one for Georges mom, going to be dong it in primary colors with white squares. The white squares the grand kids are going to make pictures on and I will iron them on to the white squares. She retired a few years back from being a school teacher so I thought this would be most fitting for her. The kids draw their pictures on heavy paper with Crayola Crayons for fabric, then you just iron the pictures on to the fabric.

My daughter came over last night, and taught son #5 and George how to do a pony tail. I don't know why I didn't have her teach them weeks ago. She is so funny the first place she heads is to the frig to see whats in there. We had just finished eating it was a late dinner, home health nurse was running late and then I had to go get groceries so needless to say we didn't eat until almost eight. I was starving. She grabbed a plate and sat there talking and eating, then she needed eye brow rings so she went through a few boxes of them to get what she needed. She tickles me, she misses eating dinner at home, we always sit at the table and talk about our day.

I need to get moving into a forward direction the sun is coming up, looks like it is going to be a pretty day.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessing~


  1. So glad the storms didn't bring any (real) nastiness your way. Spring storms can be so terrible.
    Funny the things a person takes for granted. Like a pony tail. Not real sure my Hubby could manage. But he can do a braid. :0)

    And kids never change. No matter how old they get. When we go to my MIL's house, the first thing Hubby does is look in the fridge. Even if we're there for dinner, he looks in the fridge. :0) I miss the talks I had with my boys over supper or a snack. I'm really looking forward to getting back around them.

    Wish I had some wise words for you about your skin graft, but alas I don't. I have heard that they do hurt but the end result will good.

    After my MIL had surgery on her knee, she had the same problem as you do with holding your head up. She had to consciously remember to move her leg when she walked or her leg would drag. And it was because so many nerves were cut during surgery.

    The quilts sound so cool. That fabric is awesome! Really took me back when I first saw it on your post. And the crayon thing is so cool!!! I need to remember that for future reference. And to tell my daughter about it. Thanx!

    Have a fantabulous day!! ♥

  2. We didn't get the storms here although they were forcasted heavy storms. All we had was some rain. I so admire you for your strength, and am so proud to call you a friend. Amidst everything you have been just so strong.

  3. Very glad you did not get damage, in the storms. Yikes! Must be very scary, although, I suppose... People who live in areas where tornadoes happen, get a bit used to it.

    Happy for the progress news. The next will be kinda' bitter/sweet I guess you could say. You'll get good out of it. But hurt too. -sigh-

    Gentle hugs...

  4. Glad you are safe. I have a healing candle going for you and energy as well.

  5. Dede, you are amazing! How are you getting so much done with everything going on with your body? I think you are a superhero. Maybe you need a cape! :)) We have had some pretty amazing windstorms, too. The kind that wake you up out of a dead sleep. I hope your neck starts to loosen up. You keep at it, baby steps, right? xoxox Pam

  6. Oh okay, I had to read down, to find out that you weren't having flashbacks with that fabric! And I did get a little queasy about the skin graft...just don't think about it. You are amazing getting all your sewing done. I'm trying to start some. Not only is the camera giving me problems so is my sewing's the pull of the universe I tell ya, doesn't want me to do anything.
    Pony tail, uh? LOL!

    I'll be back,
    Lots of hugs,

  7. Catching up here - gosh you've been so busy - but then you've always seemed like someone who doesn't like to sit for long!

    Love the fabric and so happy you have found a way to use your fingers. And what a nice gift box (a few posts back) from your artist friends!

    It's so good to see you healing up well. I know the skin graft will be tough, but our bodies are so amazing - you will heal in no time. Plus, I think your amazing attitude is a big part of your success!

    So many hugs to you!


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