Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting There, I Think

Today is Thursday, April 14, 2011. The weather has been so nice, warm with little rain. We had a little shower day before yesterday, but it didn't last long. You know when summer is here, the grass requires cutting once a week.

I have gotten all of the fabric cut for my grand daughters quilt and all but the binding for my mother in laws. The drawings are coming out great on the fabric. Should have all of them back by Friday. We are getting pictures of the kids doing their drawings so that I can send her pictures with her quilt. I need to have both of them done by Thursday. Feeling the pressure just a little bit here. I should have grand daughters done by Saturday and mother in laws Wednesday, as long as I get all of the drawings back.

Went to the doctors yesterday, or the "sleep doctor" for pre-op for next Thursday. It truly amazes me that they ask the same questions over and over again. We had just answered these questions on paper that were turned into this person that sat and asked these questions again. They are putting this information into a computer, so where is it going that every time you go into the doctors office they need to ask the same questions again. If this is what electronic records holds, it is a waste of money.

Ladies if you have to renew your drivers license, be prepared! My license had to be renewed, before next week, so we went Wednesday before the doctors. Now you have to have your drivers license, 2 pieces of mail coming to you are your address,social security card, your birth certificate and your MARRIAGE LICENSE! Not that you didn't have to have your marriage license to get your social security card changed you also need it to prove to DMV that you were married. I have had a Florida Drivers License for 25 plus years and now I need to prove who I am. May the Gods help us all! I need to let mama know that she is going to need all of these things before July so she can start gathering them up. Poor George doesn't get mail in his name, he has until August to get some. Maybe a bank statement has both of our names on it, at least I think it does. When she told me that I needed my marriage license, I couldn't believe it. So we went next door to get a $3 certified copy, it was cheaper than going clear back to the house and then back down town again with gas at $4 a gallon. The lady couldn't find our license in the computer. So after about 30 minutes she finds it, who ever entered it into the computer spelled George, "Geroge". The lady was nice enough to correct it and not charge us for the copy. After about an hour and $58 later, I had a renewed drivers license. Not that I have been able to drive since February, my car is a standard, hoping that within thirty days I will be able to drive again.

I had ordered some bracelet blanks to be stamped. Cat over at In The Light of The Moon has an etsy shop catcreations92b where she creates the most wonderful jewelry. I love her stamping, it looks handmade and not machine done. So I contacted her to see if she would consider stamping these for me. Bless her heart she agreed and they turned out fabulous!
So I ordered a stamp set and am going to start practicing stamping these to go with the stoma covers/bibs. Also going to include instructions for CPR on us neck breathers. I am excited about doing them because the possibilities are endless. Denise my home health nurse was impressed with them and glad that I finally had one and was wearing it.

I had better get moving, it is already after ten and haven't sewn the first stitch. Still have to get young son going on his school work. He so struggles with math so we are working extra until he gets it, before moving on to something else.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. You are such a special person. I am just so grateful to have you in my life. Your quilt is going to be fantastic. Love all those materials. I've always wanted to do a quilt, but never get to it.

    You're right about the drivers' license; since 9/11 things have changed. I don't drive so I have a New York State I.D. and I can't begin to tell you all I had to go through to renew.

  2. Wow! All this for driver's license? When did all this happen, hu???

    Repeat questions. -chuckle- Yeah, what's in the computer?

    So good to read you sounding so good. Doing things and etc. I do hope you really are good, and not putting on a happy face for us.

    And good wishes ahead of time, for next Thursday.

    Gentle hugs...

  3. Some of the protocol today SUCKS
    took my husband to the doc today..he hurt his back about a month ago..typical man I know..anyway go to front desk and she says to me insurance card and his drivers lic..i said..he is in extreme pain and did or could not drive and since when must you show it a Doctor's appointment! when did that change...GRRRRRR

  4. I do hope you'll show pics of the quilts when they are finished. I know they will be so wonderful! :0)

    And love the bracelet! Such a good idea to include one with each stoma cover.

    May you have a glorious weekend!

  5. Hi dede happy friday! Can't wait to see the quilts. Oh my about the dl. I'm floored you needed all that!

  6. Hope you had a chance to relax this weekend, and didn't work the entire time! I echo Jeanne - hope we get to see a picture of the finished product!

    Repeat questions are really frustrating - I agree!

    Hugs and health to you Dede!

  7. What an ordeal to go through, it's enough to drive one over the edge! Stupid red tape crap! Well you can see I'm not to optimistic today! God help me, if I need my marriage license, oh well!

    I love Cat's work, she is so nice!
    All will go well, thinking of you all the time!
    and have a great Easter,


It was nice of you to take time out of your busy day to stop by. Blessings to you and your family! (((HUGS)))