Sunday, July 31, 2011

Up My Nose Again, But Cancer Free

Today is Sunday, July 31, 2011. The weather has been just gorgeous, however extremely hot. Yesterday was at 100 with a heat index of 110. Not that is hot. This is a picture of what George does at work. He loves working on planes. I am still amazed at how clean everything is even after all of these years.

Went to the ENT doctor on Friday, of course he had to stick that thing up my nose, but cancer free! I go again Thursday for a "baseline" CT scan, which he wants to take a "peak" at. I am feeling pretty good for the most part. It does seem like this time healing is taking much longer to do so. I remember after the first surgery it was about four weeks and my stoma was pretty much healed up and the same after the second surgery. Not this time. It will be five weeks on Tuesday and still not healed up. Maybe my body is saying we aren't in a hurry this time, the last two times we healed right up and you slapped us down. I do know that the radiation is still working in my body. Everyday I get one or two new blisters in my mouth. They usually break the same day and one or two more will pop up. They are only painful if I eat something with acid or citrus.

The dead line for getting my thank you gifts finished is fast approaching, this Thursday, so needless to say have to keep moving on them. I finally found a pattern for a bucket hat to sew at Joann's. However they were out of scrub patterns. So I got the number of the pattern and went on line to find them and I did find one! So excited it should be here Tuesday.

I usually don't say to much about what other people say and do, I just really don't care unless it effects my family. I am talking about things people bring on themselves, you know drama. I don't spend a lot of time on FaceBook but I sure get tired of some folks bitching about things they bring on them selves. The first thing they have to realize is that they have to be a real friend to have a real friend. There is one that I am so tired of hearing her complain, however she isn't a real friend. I know this from personal experience. As long as you are doing for her, she is happy as a pig in poop. She is one of those people that I classify as a "user". I have decided to "unfriend" these people that just complain about their lives. If they would stop the drama, their life would be just fine. I just get tired of reading it, I don't allow it to enter my home so I won't allow it to be on my FB page any longer. Sorry about the venting..........

The girls are doing really good. I discovered yesterday that they not only love cheese crackers, but they also love fortune cookies. They are too funny watching them tear them up. Had to get rid of the rooster, he started attacking people and that was the end of that.

I am thinking that I might like to go contracting this winter with my husband, this time by choice. It is just young son and us now and I do think it might be kind of fun to do. I want to do some more work in the RV like put stainless steal up in the kitchen, so much easier to clean and it stays clean. I would like to also replace the carpet or put a vinyl flooring down in the dining room area. Not real big fan of the carpet there, to much traffic and always dirty. I have to go next week for the CT scan and don't have to go back to the ENT for two months so we shall see if travel is an option at this time.

Young sons monitor on his laptop went out, so I am going to have a yard sale in two weeks. We have sooo much stuff, closets that haven't been cleaned out in 7 months, I haven't been able to get anything done this year, not since January 21, I don't think I will ever forget that date. So needless to say we should make enough money to replace his if we shop at Tiger Direct, they always have good deals on their stuff.

Well I have now been hooked to this humidifier for two and a half hours, it is time to get a load of laundry off the line and get back at the sewing. I will you all a happy, healthy, productive day!

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today.~Brightest Blessing~


  1. I am so Happy For you DeDe! I'll be praying for your up coming CT and "sneak Peak"...but I know you'll be fine.

    I understand about the drama, wow, I just talked with Ren yesterday about how everything is so much bigger than us, and we have friends, love, shelter, clothing and food. Most people don't get this. There is no room for drama in life, you have one.

    Peace and blessings

  2. I'm happy to hear that things are on the upswing for you Dede! And yes, healing might take a little longer this time. You are SO wise and patient! I continue to send tons of good, positive, healing energy your way.

    You are also wise to not let negativity into your life. Sadly, we each have enough challenges in our own lives, we don't need self-generated drama from others, dragging us down with them. I've found that some people can't seem to survive without it though, and actually enjoy it. To those, I say, "Fine! Knock yourselves out!" But that doesn't mean that I have to endure it too.

    You are one of the most positive thinking people I know, and it is a pleasure to be around you, even through the internet. Your glow is so powerful, it radiates out to include everyone who comes into contact with you! I can only imagine how powerful it is to be there in person!

    Your travel plans sound exciting for you. .I know the last time, you wound up being a tad disenchanted, but the circumstances are different this time, and that can make all of the difference in the world! Just as long as you can still get on the internet! We'd miss you too much!!

    Hugs & Love!!

  3. Dede - Totally awesome news my friend ... I just knew you would win this battle. I do know, the fight will never be fully 'over' .. but you will continue to beat the 'evil'.
    Agree with Kat and Susie - smart move not to allow negativity into your life, no matter what the means of it entering.
    You are one of the most positive forces in my life, have gained much strength and wisdom from you ... thank you
    Good luck in your travels ... and enjoy seeing the world through the new way of looking at things .. easy to find beauty in simple things after you have fought the battle you have gone through.
    Much love...

  4. This is wonderful news. I am so happy for you. You have been through so much and have bee so courageous. I am proud to consider you my friend.

  5. I'm so glad for your good news!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As to different times for healing... Please remember that this IS the 3rd time. Please cut your bod some slack, Dear One. It's been very, very busy, this year and it just might need a wee bit more time, this 3rd time. :-)))))

    I know. You just want to be allllllll betttttter and that's understandable. Just please, take it easy, too. Don't keep gettting antsy to do this and do that and do the other thing. Please....... Pretty please..... Pretty please with sugar on it..... :-)))))

    Gentle hugs.........

  6. Such wonderful news. Cheese crackers and fortune cookies sound good to me even together LOL
    I agree with you totally on the people who bitch, moan, and groan for what I call sympathy friendship. We need only people in our circle of friends that uplift and bless each other.
    Sending love and healing energy your way.

  7. Hi Dede! That's great news about your health! I'm glad everything seems to be humming along, and I am betting if you are healing more slowly, it's because there's the TIRED thing that happens after a few months. So take very good care of you!
    As for FB and people who whine, I'm with you. Life is too short, and too sweet. :) xox! Pam

  8. Such good news!! I'm so happy for you! ♥ Just don't over do things....
    I sure hope you're able to take off with your Hubby. It would do you both a world of good to get away. :0)

  9. Take it slow!!! great news..I am soooo happppyyy for you...Wow!!!
    have a great summer!!!

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  11. Yeah Dede! xo So happy to hear you are free!:) Becca

  12. Jumping for joy at the "cancer free" report!!!

    Hugs & love to you - and stay cool!!!

  13. Good morning Dee. I went to my Blog page and saw your sweet face and thought of you. I'm thrilled to hear you are now "cancer free" and glad things are going well for you at the moment. I miss hearing from you. You're still hanging strong. I send God's blessings your way.
    I think you're the only one who ever reads my blog so I felt this would reach you.
    Have a great day write to me sometimes.


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